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Agility Through Practice - Custom Training Solutions Available Remotely
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Agile is not a method. It is a state of mind.

Implementing Agile across an organization means being willing to change behaviours and transform the organizational culture. It’s all about taking things apart and putting them back together again—only better, and giving each squad the tools it needs to get the job done. Alithya’s Agile Academy is open to all individuals involved in delivering business solutions and interested in learning to self-organize to build a sustainable Agile culture in their organization. At Alithya, we believe that Agile should not be taught using a theoretical approach. That’s why our workshops deliver team-based, hands-on learning. 

We have four Agile Journeys available to best meet your needs. So take advantage of our Agile Academy workshops to become tomorrow's Agilitateurs

Choose your journey:

The AGILE Journey

  • Go Agile!

    During a day of introduction to agility, discover the reasons behind using this approach, the Agile values and mindset, and the theoretical foundations of popular methods like Scrum and Kanban. You’ll also practice it during a simulation workshop that allows you to fully experience agility.

  • Go KANBAN!

    During a half-day Team Building workshop, discover the Kanban method practice. These team simulation exercises will allow you to integrate while having fun and practicing the essential elements of this approach.
  • Go SCRUM!

    During a half-day Team Building workshop, discover the Scrum framework. These team simulation exercises will allow you to integrate while having fun and practicing the essential elements of this approach.
  • Go Agile for Teams!

    This adaptable approach aims to support new teams in their journey towards agility. After three days, their takeaways will include the method most pertinent to their needs, corresponding training, the formation of team rules, definitions of ready and completed, as well as personal mapping for generating mutual trust. A faster route to more efficient teams.

The PRODUCT Journey

  • Go PO!

    During a one-day training seminar, discover the basics of the PO profession. From the vision, to splitting, and the drafting of user stories, participants will be able to prioritize activities, learn stakeholder management techniques, and also absorb our feedback on the management of development teams.

  • Go POPM!

    Over the course of 3 days, experience a true business solutions creation simulation integrating the latest Product Manager techniques. From product vision, through to the identification of problems, participants will be able to implement customer-focused approaches using a set of concrete techniques. They will also have the opportunity to interview real customers in order to define their personas, conduct Lean market studies, and implement truly sustainable product approaches. At the end of the three days, participants will present their approaches and products to a committee of experts, comprised of Digital company managers, who will evaluate their performance and product interest.

  • Design Sprint

    With Design Sprint, we begin with your needs and your projects, and we’ll enable you to implement this co-creation approach to ensure that you embark in the right direction in order to deliver value to your customers. By integrating business agility concepts, we’ll help you to refine the idea, to validate it with your customers, and to establish the learning loop that will allow you to iteratively develop the product or expected solution.

The COACHING Journey

NEW: Our coaching sessions are now available remotely, in English, French and Spanish
  • 321 Go!

    A multidisciplinary, hands-on approach that brings business and IT teams together in a dedicated space for two to three weeks. The result? A cohesive, self-organized team with a clear common vision, ready to start building your MVP with ease and confidence.

  • PO Coaching

    A customized, hands-on coaching program that addresses the training needs of your Product Owners.

  • Agile Coaching

    A customized, hands-on coaching program that addresses the training needs of Scrum Masters, Product Owners and development team.
  • Agile Transformation

    A customized program tailored to the specific needs of your organization for entering the agile world.


  • Agile Maturity Analysis

  • Jira and Confluence

  • Agile KPIs

This training is a must, and I found it to be extremely relevant and impactful. It was remarkable to learn that you can build an actual minimum viable product (MVP) in just three days. The most important thing this workshop teaches you is to think in terms of MVP—and that’s essential for a Product Owner!”