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Organizational Performance

Is your performance meeting its intended targets?
The ultimate organizational tune-up

Several measures can be used to assess the performance of an organization. 

If your indicators don't meet the objectives you aimed for,  you may need to make a change of some description. Alithya can guide you through the change, minimize resistance to the change and incorporate change management best practices every step of the way.

Improve your company's performance

Whether you simply want to improve your company’s overall performance or aim for a more elevated performance  status, we have the expertise to get you there.

We provide:


We perform a preliminary diagnostic and impact analysis to define long and short term goals and how to achieve them. We also provide historical data, current results, and predictive analytics as well as a detailed plan for making strategic changes to drive. 

Performance Management

We ensure you stay focused on the crucial targets in your company strategy by create a link between tangible actions and your corporate vision.We also establish crucial key performance indicators and balanced scorecards. We evaluate all the internal and external factors that could have an impact on your company’s development such as competition, trends, technology, regulations, distribution, corporate assets, etc. And, we design your performance model and processes.

Change Management 

Making changes to your organization is inevitable if you want to stay competitive, but organizational change runs much deeper than implementing a new point of sale system or going paperless. Upper management can initiate changes, but to sustain them requires the support of the employees. Embracing a new process or solution takes time and a poorly managed change is not only costly both in time and money; it’s likely to fail in the long run. We’ll teach your leaders how to prepare for the change, manage the change and reinforce the change - all within the context of your corporate culture.

High Performance Organization (HPO)

High Performance Organizations are adaptable, focused on long term success while never losing sight of short term goals. They’re laser-focused on their customers and they demonstrate a high degree of flexibility. Teamwork and diversity are a must in their organizational culture and they tend to favour flatter hierarchies. Becoming a High Performance Organization doesn’t happen overnight; it takes a significant investment of time and energy. But if HPO is where you want your company to be, Alithya is the company to get you there. 

HPO has many requirements, but there are three core characteristics that Alithya considers to be the trifecta, and we aim to achieve them in every HPO mandate:

  • Adoption
  • Productivity
  • Employee Satisfaction
We can show you where you are now and how to get where you want to be.

It all begins with a full assessment. Experienced consultants will evaluate your company from top to bottom to determine what’s working and what needs improvement.

A Skilled Team Makes All the Difference

Our experienced consultants will create the detailed roadmap you need to reach your goal of optimized operations and processes. We’ll oversee the entire project and innovate as needed, answering any and all of your questions along the way.

The Alithya 3-step approach
  • Adopt the right organizational structure: An executive to be directly responsible for the initiative. A core team of subject matter experts and a group of administrators;
  • Keep everything moving forward with cadence: accountability with tactical and strategic meetings to maintain focus and momentum within the initiative;
  • Establish a solid training plan: Specific to an individual's role, position and level at your organization.
The ADKAR® (Prosci) Model

A goal-oriented change management model that guides individual and organizational change

Do-It Framework (A+ Transition)

Change management for executives, managers, project leads and their teams

Management 3.0

A people-focused toolkit for managing an organization

Strategic Advice and Organizational change

The worlds of business, technology and human affairs are changing and growing ever more complex. You must keep up.

While ensuring respect for your context and culture, we will help develop your organization’s capacity to face present and future challenges.

If your team can’t access data quickly
and effectively, it won’t do you any good.