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Corporate Performance Management (CPM/EPM)

Solutions for Sustained Profitable Growth
EPM/CPM Solutions for Greater Visibility and Agility

Define, measure, and innovate your business with EPM solutions that drive sustained profitable growth.

You need the right tools to analyze, understand and report on your business. Alithya can help you implement the right products and services to plan, budget, forecast and report on performance as well as consolidate and finalize your results. You can be sure your team has the right foundation for long-term growth planning.

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Streamline Consolidation and Reporting

Use Alithya’s market-leading services to meet your needs for account reconciliations, tax provisioning and workflows related to the close process with solutions that generate accurate, consistent and realistic results, as well as increase transparency and compliance.

Leverage Consistent, Secure and Trusted Data

For overall performance management improvement, recognize, transform and deliver data in an integrated way with our solutions for data governance and integration.

Transform Your Financial Process

Overcome challenges associated with disconnected and inefficient financial processes. Backed by a clear vision, Alithya offers Assessments and Roadmaps for a successful process redesign, as well as Charts of Accounts for greater consistency and visibility across the organization.

Improve Business Predictability

Integrate financial and operational planning processes and improve your forecasting and budgeting with Alithya’s Integrated Business Planning products and services. The result: better business decisions.

Control Costs

With our Profitability and Cost Management solutions, you’ll gain control of your bottom line by accurately and transparently allocating direct and indirect costs and revenues with traceability and end-to-end audit trails.

Improve Visibility

Gain greater insight into planning and forecasting across the organization. Starting with an assessment of your current state, we’ll help you leverage Business Intelligence and EPM/CPM technologies to share financial data with your team through a standardized platform and tools.

A Roadmap for EPM/CPM Success

Alithya’s experts can help you establish a strategic foundation for your initiative’s success to ensure a quick return on investment.

EPM Roadmap Program & Project Management Process Analysis Training and Education

EPM Roadmap

Set a clear vision that aligns stakeholder expectations and establishes a foundation for success with a realistic timeline and scope, and appropriate resources and funding.

Program & Project Management

From concept to completion, leverage skilled resources, templates and techniques to manage the project lifecycle, manage risks, and monitor and measure project results.

Process Analysis

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your system and existing processes by optimizing systems, improving performance and upgrading to new product versions.

Training and Education

Empower every user in your organization with our training programs that build the skills and expertise needed to unlock new financial insights to make better business decisions and drive results.

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We offer products and services that were designed with your industry’s requirements in mind.

CPG Manufacturing

Drive productivity growth, acquire insight, and conduct analysis with solutions that impact your bottom line and help you meet your business goals.

Financial Services & Insurance

Adapt your business to respond to change with streamlined business processes and enterprise-level integration and management of data.

Energy (Oil & Gas)

Gain an edge with access to industry-specific key performance indicators, including production rates and expenses, well history logs, drilling permits, well diagrams and more.


Evaluate and implement new processes with agile technologies that allow you to adapt to local conditions while minimizing the risks associated with product and service deployments.

Recognition must go to Alithya for great work, planning, and executing very successfully. Alithya's solution resulted in a new and improved system with additional functionality and a 60% improvement in consolidation time, which gives us future opportunities."