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We are Alithya

We’re a team of passionate, trusted advisors who are committed to guiding and supporting our clients in achieving their business goals using innovation and digital technology.

Alithya’s promise is to be committed

The Alithya Brand

The first letter of the business’s name, the letter A, becomes the basis for the accompanying symbol. Through its shape, color and placement, the A points upward to symbolize the business’s promise of commitment. It acts as a base and pivot for the red, green and blue arrows, which represent Alithya’s clients, partners and employees. The arrows form an asterisk; the symbol’s open shape evokes Alithya’s receptiveness.

  • Leading-edge - Alithya builds and implements ingenious solutions.
  • People-oriented - Alithya fosters authentic relationships.
  • Open - Alithya adapts to the customer’s context.
  • Genuine - Alithya is about people.
Mission, Vision, Values
Mission Vision Values


Our mission is to advise, guide and support our clients in the pursuit of innovation, excellence and the achievement of their business objectives through the optimal use of technologies.

How? By being flexible, knowledgeable and laser-focused on our clients’ needs. At Alithya, innovation is about more than technology – it’s about the people, ideas and ingenuity it takes to structure and streamline intricate operational ecosystems.


Be recognized as a trusted advisor with solid expertise in strategy and digital technology.

The clients who entrust Alithya with their strategic projects appreciate our unique combination of pragmatic understanding and creative thinking.


At Alithya, we hire people for their personal values as the key to fulfilling our commitments.


We are committed to treating all our stakeholders with respect. This also includes our communities and the environment in which we work and live.


Alithya is committed to using organizational practices that promote healthy work environments and communities.


We believe that to succeed, our employees have to be passionate about what they do. Strong motivation and quality projects make work enjoyable, leading to success on an individual and group basis.


At Alithya, we do everything in our power to build long-term trusted relationships with our clients, employees and stakeholders.


Alithya is Ancient Greek for truth, and that is reflected in our relationships, our engagements, and our commitment. At Alithya, we believe integrity, transparency, and straightforward communications are paramount.


At Alithya, our approach is evolving all the time. We constantly pursue excellence and work to innovate and improve every part of our business to better meet our clients’ needs.

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Alithya’s Visionaries

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