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Corporate responsibility

We care about the impact we have on others.
An integral part of our company’s culture

Since we began in 1992, we’ve been making corporate responsibility an integral part of our company’s culture. We believe our actions and policies have a powerful impact that goes beyond our company walls so we strive to make sure that impact is a positive one.

Corporate governance

Good governance is key for any company, especially when they are publicly-listed. We have solid corporate governance practices in place, and as a newly public company, we will continue  to improve our policies to ensure we endorse the principles of good governance.

Looking after our greatest asset

We work in a domain powered entirely by people. Their skills and talent are at the heart of our strategy; they’re are the source of Alithya’s unique know-how and the reason we’re able to fulfill our mission to advise, guide and support our clients towards success in  their business. 

Helping our people grow

One of the ways we like to show our employees how much we value what they bring to the table is by allowing them to sharpen their skills through continuing education. This is why we launched the Alithya  Leadership Academy. We offer our professionals the opportunity to develop their skills in a way that suits their needs.

We like giving back

Our clients and employees are at the heart of what we do, so when it came to choosing where to make our charitable donations, it only seemed natural to prioritize the causes that are dearest to their hearts. We want to do good things for people who need it and we encourage and support employees at all levels of our organisation who wish to do the same.

We can all do our part

Our environmental footprint is relatively small but we still take a proactive stance to make sure it doesn’t get any bigger than necessary. When three of our main Canadian offices reached the end of their leases, we took the opportunity to find eco-friendly spaces some of which are BOMA certified offering.

And with the programs available from certain transit corporations, we encourage our employees to use public transportation. It’s also worth mentioning that in our role as consultants, we reduce energy consumption by guiding our clients towards cloud based solutions that are reputed to be less energy hungry than traditional infrastructures.

Driving Innovation for a Worthy Cause

We proudly partnered with Adoption-Share, a US-based non-profit organization, to reduce the barriers to adoption and ultimately increase the number of child placements into qualified, safe, and loving homes.