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This Cookie Policy applies to the use of cookies on (our “Website”). In this Cookie Policy, when we refer to “Alithya”, “we,” “us” or “our,” we mean Alithya Group Inc. 

This document explains how we use cookies and provides guidance on how you can deactivate or delete them. Click here to learn how to manage your preferences regarding our use of cookies. 

We adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s and the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada’s interest-based advertising principles by providing you with enhanced notice, transparency and control of our digital marketing practices, as stated at and  

What is a cookie?

Our Website uses cookies to collect and process your personal data. Personal data may include information collected about you through cookies and tracking technologies such as beacons and web pixels (together, the “cookies”). Cookies are small blocks of data which are installed on a browser or a device during a session, and which remembers preferences or information about you.  


Some types of cookies may qualify as personal data under some privacy protection laws. Some of the information which we consider as personal data for the purpose of this Cookie Policy may not be protected under applicable laws, and you may not be entitled to the same rights regarding such personal data. 

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about how we collect and process your personal data. 

What cookies do we use?

We install our own cookies (first party cookies) and third-party cookies on your browser or device when you visit our Website. Some of these cookies are uninstalled automatically at the end of your browsing session.  Others are persistent, which means that they remain installed for up to 24 months unless you uninstall them. 

The table below explains what cookies we use on our Website, and the reasons why we use them. 


Essential cookies We use “essential” cookies to ensure the functionality of our Website, namely by enabling basic activities like navigating our online pages and accessing the secure areas of our Website. You cannot opt-out of these cookies. 
Preference cookies We use “preference” cookies to recognize you each time you return to our Website, remember your preferences and your consents. For example, we create a persistent cookie that includes some basic information about you, like your most recent searches or your language preferences. For example, remembering your chat history. 
Analytical cookies We use “analytical” cookies to generate aggregated statistical data about traffic and visitor behaviour on our Website. Except for European Union citizens (for whom it has been deactivated), Alithya uses Google Analytics to view key metrics such as how many visitors view the Website, peak hours of traffic, duration and frequency of visits, pages visited, and key words searches. Google Analytics helps us understand how visitors engage with our Website. Data collected also includes your IP address, geographic location, browser information, device identifiers, what websites you visited before and after your visit. 
Advertising cookies 

We use first- and third-party advertising cookies.  

First, we use Facebook Ads and Google AdSense, Google AdWords, You Tube, LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Search Network and ZoomInfo Marketing OS to register user actions and target content on the Website based on ad clicks on a different website. We also use HubSpot to track your behaviour across devices and marketing channels. 

Advertising cookies allow us to present you with relevant advertisement based on your preferences and interests, limit the number of times you see an ad, help measure the effectiveness of a campaign, content and/or email driven traffic to re-evaluate content offerings, map customer buying journeys and provide a more personalized experience.   




Why do we use cookies?

  • Maintenance of our Website 

We use cookies for our Website to function as intended, to analyze our performance and to ensure that our Website is secure. Cookies also help us identify bugs and errors. 


  • Interest-based advertising 

Interest-based advertising (also known as targeted or behavioral advertising) means that your preferences and interests are collected through cookies or otherwise, and then used to serve you advertising and marketing materials that are relevant to you (based on those preferences and interests). 

Without interest-based advertising, you would still be getting ads when browsing the Internet. However, these ads would not be personalized based on your preferences and interests – and so, they would be less relevant to you, and less effective for us. 

We adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s and the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada’s interest-based advertising principles by providing you with enhanced notice, transparency and control of our digital marketing practices, as stated at and  


  • First and Third-party Cookies 

We use our own cookies for our Website to function efficiently, to improve its performance and make sure it is secure by identifying bugs and errors. We also generate aggregated statistical data about our Website traffic and your behaviour when you visit our Website. Finally, we conduct interest-based advertising, as explained above. 


We allow third-party cookies placed by our re-targeting and advertising partners to track your browsing habits on our Website (and also elsewhere on the Internet and other apps) so that we can later show you targeted ads on other websites (including on social media sites) which we hope are relevant to your interests. For example, if you viewed pages on our Website relating to a particular product, you may later see one of our advertisements relating to these or similar products when you visit other websites (including social media or apps). These types of cookies, web beacons and similar technologies and the information they collect are also used to limit the number of times you see these advertisements, as well as to help measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and to provide other measurement services. 


We also allow third-party cookies, placed by our affiliate network partner(s), to record information about third party links or adverts that you may have clicked on directly before browsing on our Website and then making a purchase. These partners do not collect any personal data from which they would be able to identify you. 

How long are cookies stored on your device?

Essential cookies 
  • Session (Alithya) 
  • 2 years (Hubspot language choice, YouTube to remember consents) 
Preference cookies 
  • Session (Language preference) 
  • 6 months (Hubspot Chatflow) 
Analytical cookies 
  • 2 years (Google Analytics) 
  • 6 months (Hubspot) 
  • 29 days (to synchronize with LinkedIn) 
  • 2 years (Alithya and Google to register Unique ID) 
  • Persistent (Alithya to register time of visit to Website) 
Advertising cookies 
  • Session (LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, the TradeDesk) 
  • 3 months – 1 year (Google, Facebook, YouTube and Microsoft) 
  • 2 years (LinkedIn) 


How can you manage cookies on our Website?

When you visit our Website, a cookie consent banner will prompt you to consent to our use of “preference”, “analytical” and “advertising” cookies. We have applied the privacy-by-default principle; these cookies will be blocked unless you provide us with an affirmative action to allow these cookies. Essential cookies are required for the proper functioning of our Website and cannot be blocked. 


You can choose your cookie preferences by visiting our Cookie Preferences Center here. 

Also, you can disable and/or blocking all types of cookies by using your browser settings. Note that disabling or blocking cookies may alter the functioning of our Website. 



You can install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on, which prevents the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js, analytics.js and dc.js) from sharing information with Google Analytics about visits activity. For more information on the privacy practices of Google, please visit the Google Privacy & Terms.  


To know more about why you are seeing an ad, how to manage your advertising preferences and/or opt-out of advertising cookies and tracking technologies for interest-based advertising, please visit: 



You can also visit the link below for an overview of how to block or delete cookies on the most common browsers: 

How can you reach us?

If you have any questions regarding our use of cookies, or about the content of our Cookie Policy, please reach out to us: 

Attn: Privacy Officer 

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Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more about your privacy rights!