IT consulting services tailored to the energy and utilities sector

When you partner with Alithya for your energy solutions, you’re teaming up with leading experts in IT and energy. Our IT consultants have vast industry knowledge that spans nuclear, oil and gas, and utilities. Alithya’s expertise in safety-critical software standards and engineering change control processes, coupled with our stellar track record for project delivery, makes us a preferred partner for long-term IT projects in the energy sector. 

Our consultants can advise you on:

  • Project management - Overall program and project management 
  • Real-time control systems - Reverse engineering, requirements analysis, design, and implementation 
  • Quality assurance - Verification, validation, testing, and software qualifications 
  • Cyber security - Assessment and compliance with CSA N290.7-14 
  • Training - Vendor training, simulation updates, and project-specific training 
  • Installation and commissioning support - Local and remote support 
  • System maintenance - Software maintenance planning and local support 

We can offer consulting and support for:


consulting and support for nuclear industry

With over 40 years of experience in the nuclear industry, Alithya is your trusted provider in software design services and digital transformation. We are a CSA N299.1-compliant vendor that spans from the control room to the boardroom – in everything from the design and development of safety-critical shutdown systems, reactor control systems, and HMI/SCADA systems to delivering cyber security solutions, simulators, and IT solutions Alithya helps clients modernize and innovate in areas like the internet of things (IoT), analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning

Oil and gas


The oil and gas industry needs suppliers who not only provide control system and application engineering expertise, but also those who can leverage that knowledge to translate data into analytic and decision support systems that can help their business. At Alithya, we partner with our clients to create roadmaps that evaluate current business processes. We have extensive experience in implementing blending and movement automation applications within both legacy and current refinery offsite systems.


consulting and support in the public sector

Alithya’s industry-focused software services and solutions are designed to help your organization manage its regulatory requirements, improve operational efficiencies, and drive continuous improvement. From custom hardware engineering to component replacement to critical robotics, our breadth of knowledge and experienced engineers allow us to provide end-to-end, integrated services tailored to your utilities sector needs.


consulting and support for engineering and IT capabilities

Alithya’s unique mix of engineering and IT capabilities allows us to design and deliver fully integrated systems. Our IT consulting specialists have a wealth of experience in everything from simulation and control systems to analytics, data management, and cloud computing. Our expertise, along with our extensive history in the energy sector, sets us apart from other software design service providers and makes us the ideal partner for your next engineering or IT project.

Deliver quality from the control room to the boardroom

Learn more about Alithya’s IT services for the energy sector and how they can help your organization maximize its value. 

Digital Strategy

Leveraging our unique expertise and rich history in Engineering Technology, Operational Technology and Information Technology implementation in the energy industry, Alithya has been instrumental in building digital strategies for greenfield facilities. We collaborate with the owner/operator to establish a right-sized overall digital technology direction and identify the initiatives over the facility’s entire lifecycle to achieve this goal

control room with monitors

A digital strategy involves:

  • Identifying a conceptual design of the entire digital technology stack 
  • Devising a strategic plan to implement the digital technology investments 
  • Conducting a cost-benefit analysis of the implementation 
  • Developing business requirements that leverage innovative modern technologies and lower the total cost of ownership by reducing operations, maintenance, and administrative costs for the client while meeting and exceeding the plant’s safety and reliability objectives

Nuclear grade computers and smart lockers

Protect critical plant equipment and systems against malware propagation with our line of nuclear grade computers and smart lockers. Fully compliant with CSA N290.7-14, our solutions are designed to contribute to your defense-in-depth strategy by providing a more secure way to interact with your critical plant equipment.  

  • Accessible 
    Integrate and control access with your existing employee badges for privilege-based entry. 
  • Reliable 
    Seamlessly align with your organization's vulnerability management policies. 
  • Cutting-edge 
    Protect your valuable assets by securing against critical attack pathways and keep ahead of constantly changing cyber security threats. 

Control/software engineering solutions

You are in the driver’s seat, thanks to our application engineering expertise at work. Whether you’re looking for custom designed or turnkey solutions, we are leaders in delivering systems that are safe, reliable, and compliant. 
Our unique mix of control system, software design, and integration experience, along with regulatory and cyber security compliance expertise, sets us apart from other software design service providers. 
We are known for our innovative approach are well-positioned to help clients with their modernization and digital transformation journeys using technologies such as big data, industrial IoT (IIoT), AI, and machine learning. 

Peace of mind for laptops, hardware, & other physical property

Nuclear grade laptops

Alithya Nuclear Grade Laptops are rugged machines built to last in harsh industrial environments. Keep your plant operations safe from cyber threats with cyber-hardened laptops that are secure, easy to maintain, and fully configurable. Our team of Alithya Cyber Engineers provide end-to end installation, configuration, and support to ensure seamless integration with your existing plant equipment.

Smart Lockers

Alithya’s Smart Lockers provide additional physical protection and tracking for your laptops and other valuable hardware assets when not in use. Ensure safe-keeping of laptops between uses with automated check-in and check-out, backup, diagnostics, and automated upkeep.

Cyber engineers support

Alithya cyber engineers are available to provide support to ensure your laptops and lockers systems are maintained and running efficiently.

Industrial cybersecurity

Industrial control systems employ specific technologies where traditional cyber security strategies may not always be suitable. At Alithya, we have extensive experience with these systems and understand the importance of securing your digital assets without affecting critical system functions.

Legacy hardware replacement

Alithya’s hardware experts work with your stakeholders to pinpoint requirements and establish the most effective process to achieve your project goals. Our services range from the replacement of legacy hardware to the engineering of a private strategy and digital technology for new hardware solutions. In conjunction with our software expertise, we provide a one-stop solution for our clients. 
We support our clients throughout the development cycle from concept to delivery – including design, reviews, prototypes, manufacturing, and testing. 

Training simulators

Alithya has a long track record of success in implementing training simulator software solutions for mission-critical and safety-critical projects. Our teams have successfully completed many large-scale projects including fuel handling control computer emulation, simulator computer replacement, training simulator upgrades, and desktop simulators. 
Our leading experts in designing and developing custom training simulator solutions for the nuclear industry and in leveraging the latest technologies to maximize client training learning experiences. 

Nuclear and regulatory compliance

The nuclear industry has some of the highest regulatory requirements of any industry. The stakes are too high to accept anything less. Alithya’s Quality Practice provides the services you need to meet your quality assurance obligations. 

Energy IT and integration

In the energy industry, experience is key to the integration of legacy and state-of-the-art systems. Your stakeholders demand teams that deliver on time, every time. 


Alithya’s IT experts combine their technical skills with deep domain expertise to provide the nuclear and power generation industries with high-quality solutions tailored to your business needs. Our IT expertise ranges from project management and business analysis to custom application development. 

Enterprise performance management (EPM)

We have an impressive track record in EPM, for both on-premises and cloud. Our experts apply over two decades of certified technical knowledge and real-world business experience to devise solutions that maximize your business. Alithya is your go-to partner for defining, measuring, and innovating your business.  
Why choose Alithya for your energy projects?

We provide:

  • An effective, detailed, best practice multi-phase approach to create collaborative financial systems 
  • Solutions that include powerful calculators with hundreds of functions and algorithms and procedural calculations 
  • Custom solutions that centralize functions, calculations, and aggregations, and offer secure, uninterrupted, fast and intuitive data 
  • A capabilities-driven strategy that can drive returns higher even when prices are falling 
  • Trending analysis that makes it easy to derive cash flow, IRR, and NPV 
  • Access to key performance indicators that drive your business forward, including analysis of production rates and expenses, well history maps and logs, drilling permits and well diagrams, drilling, completion, and workover costs, LOE by well, and ROI for well activities 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Our trained experts can advise you on the right ERP solutions to meet your business objectives. We work with you to define a strategy, and plan, implement, and support ERP projects tailored to your specific requirements. Transform your business and drive growth with flexible cloud, hybrid, or on-premises ERP solutions. 

Alithya has become a trusted software design service and digital transformation provider in the Canadian nuclear industry based on our deep domain expertise, a stellar track record for project delivery, innovative solutions, and long-term partnerships with clients and suppliers.


Ron Oberth

President & CEO, OCNI