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Industries We Serve

We’ve been designing and building innovative and efficient digital solutions for complex business challenges in many industries for decades.
We help a range of industries run their businesses better

With technical skills, versatility and innovation, we put our extensive experience to work to help you get the most from your business.

And our experts have a highly specialised know-how of the following sectors

We’re nothing if not versatile. We’ve taken our expertise and tailored it to other industries with niche needs.


Keep a closer eye on inventory and streamline your processes.

Chemical Manufacturing

Manage batch order balancing, lot characteristics inheritance, scheduling, formula management, prices based on potency, and more.

Discrete Manufacturing

Overcome challenges associated with fluctuating demand, low-cost competition, pricing pressures and volatile raw-material markets.

Equipment Dealers

Improve client relationships, convert more cross-selling and upselling opportunities, control rental assets, and track sales and service history.

Food and Beverage

Meet safety, quality and compliance requirements while controlling costs, managing inventory with precision, and aligning sales and production.

Mining, Oil and Gas

Drive business forward with analysis of production rates and expenses, well history maps and logs, drilling permits and well diagrams, costs and more.

Life Science, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

In a high-growth environment, manage cost pressures, generic competition, shelf-life constraints and strict regulatory and GMP requirements.

Property Management

Strengthen tenant relationships, create a consistent leasing experience, and deliver proactive maintenance services, ultimately growing your bottom line.