IT solutions and software for transportation & logistics companies

As part of the transport and logistics industry, you get us where we need to go. We want to repay the favor. Alithya offers targeted solutions that are tailored to the specific challenges and needs of the rail, marine, air transport, and logistics sectors. 


Our clients trust us not only for our vast IT expertise, but also for our deep understanding of the industry.

Rail transport


We have a proven track record of experience and accomplishments with our clients in rail transport. Our IT specialists – some of whom have worked in transport and logistics – know all the ins and outs of this highly regulated industry. Alithya offers expertise and support in transportation IT solutions for application development, project management, business intelligence, infrastructure, architecture, communications, and more.

Air transport


Alithya has the privilege of working with some of the biggest air carriers in the world. Our clients appreciate the flexibility of our services and the talent and approachability of our experts. Alithya’s transportation and logistics IT consultants are also well-versed in the safety standards of this sector. 

We have collaborated on a range of air transport projects, in particular for a large European air carrier. Our primary accomplishments include full-stack development of a CRM, business analysis of a computer system linked to air operations, and application maintenance in a service center in various critical industries. 

Maritime transport


Alithya has been a trusted IT partner in the maritime transport industry for many years. We have collaborated on various IT projects that have supported the development of large maritime freight companies, notably with operations management applications. 

Alithya’s IT transportation services are particularly sought after in development, functional expertise, product administration, audit/consultation, and support/training.

Embrace digital transformation and modernization with our IT solutions

We guide our clients


We guide our clients in their digital transformation by offering a comprehensive range of services. These include consulting, providing access to materials, implementing fixed-price projects, developing software, maintaining information systems, building websites, and creating cybersecurity and regulatory compliance strategies. We also offer Agile coaching services and provide scrum masters and product owner staff.