Digital transformation in banking and financial IT services for your business

Alithya's digital transformation solutions empower banking institutions, credit card issuers, and other financial entities to meet the expectations of today's clients. The integration of seamless dashboards, tools, and data-focused portals enhances productivity, reduces administrative tasks, and streamlines operations.

For banking institutions, the challenges of maintaining rigorous regulation and stringent security requirements while remaining agile in responding to market changes are met with strategic and personalized solutions. Alithya offers tailored strategies to address the unique needs of bankers, securities advisors, retirement fund managers, asset managers, and treasury management groups.

In today's automated landscape, insurance companies benefit from Alithya's financial IT services to efficiently manage agent channels, reduce administrative burdens, and focus on service excellence. The seamless integration of data processing technologies ensures optimal technical solutions. 

Improve your customer satisfaction with data analytics

Our specialists take your specific business reality into account to deliver custom data & analytics that maximize the value you’re bringing to your customers. We can also equip your business with the latest data technologies to deliver optimal technical solutions. 


Bankers, broker-dealers, pension plan managers, asset managers, insurance companies, and treasury groups each have particular needs and challenges. At Alithya, we’ve developed custom strategies and solutions to address these head on.

Adapt, evolve, stay ahead of your market

Financial services businesses are constantly facing the need to adapt and evolve to keep up with the rapidly changing business landscape. The ever-growing demand for personalized customer experiences, digital transformation, and operational efficiency necessitates the implementation of robust financial services solutions.  

These solutions are designed to transform business processes and improve financial performance through the integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time data analysis. With the rise of a hybrid workforce and the need to drive growth, financial services solutions are becoming essential for achieving business objectives and delivering seamless digital experiences for customers.  

By streamlining operations, automating manual tasks, and leveraging high-performance computing, these solutions help financial services businesses generate revenue opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition.

Access anytime, anywhere

woman at ATM

Banking institutions


Banks, cooperatives, and credit card issuers face a multitude of industry-specific challenges. Now more than ever clients expect to be able to access their products at all times, from anywhere. Meanwhile, banking institutions have to juggle tighter regulations, increasingly stringent security requirements, all while remaining flexible and quick to react to changes in the market. 


Our clients face complex challenges. With our extensive experience in this industry, we help our clients achieve their goals. Whether you want to implement business solutions, develop applications, modernize legacy systems or navigate the challenges of architecture, infrastructure and security, we can offer the most appropriate solutions and methods.  


Looking to harness the power of automation?  

Boost productivity, reduce administrative tasks, and streamline operations with seamless integration of data-driven dashboards, tools, and agent, broker, and client portals. 

Automate & innovate

insurance agent using automation tools

Insurance companies 


To increase production and streamline agency operations, insurance organizations today require a higher level of automation. Alithya’s IT financial services can help you manage your agent channel more efficiently, reduce administrative loads, and provide efficient and excellent customer service. 

360-degree trades

architectural concept for pattern recognition and 360-degree trades for broker-dealers



Broker-dealers need dependable, robust solutions to track market trends, measure performance and provide key metrics in an easy-to-use format. 


Alithya offers a suite of trade analytics reporting solutions that provide an aggregated view of your firm’s trading activity to simplify compliance inquiries, mitigate risks, and research trading patterns for potential sales opportunities.

Portfolios at your fingertips

pension plan manager checking portfolio performance dashboard on her phone

Pension plan managers 


With large holdings on the line, pension plan managers need immediate access to market and portfolio data to inform their decisions. 


We offer services for portfolio performance and fund management that allow executives to quickly access summarized data, portfolio managers to immediately access their detailed holdings, and users to perform ad hoc analysis using over 100 data attributes. 


Full visibility


Asset managers and investors 


Need a better view into your investment activities? Alithya helps asset managers and investors address some of their most challenging business problems by offering tactical reporting solutions for investment analytics or implementing the solution of your choice. Firms can better understand and monitor the quality of broker’s executions, fund expense management, and portfolio performance measurement.

Compliant & customer-focused

treasury group meeting discussing compliance reporting

Treasury groups 


Treasury groups have complex data management needs for customer transactions, institutional activities, and compliance reporting. Alithya’s financial practice provides automated reporting tools including liquidity reporting, stress testing, and regulatory reporting, such as BASEL III standards. 

What are the benefits of financial services solutions?

Our financial services solutions offer numerous benefits to the ever-evolving financial sector, enabling businesses to stay ahead of new technologies, meet digital transformation needs, and exceed customer expectations. In this highly competitive environment, having a reliable partner with expertise in IT, business, and regulations is crucial for success.

  • Accelerate digital transformation. By leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation, these solutions power insights, streamline business processes, and automate manual tasks. This not only ensures operational efficiency but also drives growth and helps businesses seize new revenue opportunities.
  • Secure data and applications in the cloud. With the increasing reliance on cloud solutions, financial services businesses need robust security measures to protect sensitive information. Reliable solutions help build and maintain a secure infrastructure, mitigating cybersecurity risks and strengthening data privacy and compliance.
  • Innovate faster with modern IT environments. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and adopting agile methodologies, businesses can rapidly introduce new financial products and services to the market, meeting the evolving needs of customers. Additionally, modernizing IT systems and migrating to cloud-native and hybrid infrastructures ensure scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Integrate processes and unify data. Integrating key technical and business processes provide consistent, secure, and trusted data for a clear business outlook. And in the cloud era, integration allows businesses to explore a hybrid approach and connect current on-premises and future cloud solutions.  

In summary, financial services solutions offer the necessary tools, expertise, and technology to thrive in the digital era. By embracing digital transformation, securing data and applications in the cloud, and modernizing IT environments, businesses in the financial sector can stay competitive, drive growth, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Our services help clients recognize, transform, and deliver data in a consistent, secure, and integrated manner to produce trusted and governed information for overall performance management improvement. Whether data is sourced from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), or Business Intelligence (BI) systems, our unmatched experience and certified experts guide organizations to one single version of the truth.

Serve your clients better

At Alithya, we understand the challenges financial services organizations face: an ever-changing business environment, immense pressure to comply with regulations, and the need to satisfy internal and external reporting requirements.

We provide our financial services clients the ability to utilize scalable technology solutions to streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, and gain valuable insight into their business.

Learn how our financial IT solutions can help your business 


Your organization’s ability to control costs and generate sustainable, profitable growth is imperative to creating shareholder value. Alithya helps our clients gain better control of their bottom line by accurately and transparently allocating direct and indirect costs and revenues with traceability and end-to-end audit trails. 


Financial planning and analysis

Alithya has unmatched experience and certified expertise. Our ability to integrate financial and operational planning processes combined with deep functional knowledge and technical knowledge has helped hundreds of clients improve their forecasting and budgeting processes and enhance business predictability. We can help you improve collaboration, generate accurate, consistent and realistic results, and produce multidimensional analytics.


Risk management and stress testing

Your organizations need scenario-based analysis to better understand how changes in market conditions will impact their financial statements. You can have the opportunity to take corrective measures and realign capital conservancy measures if you have actionable insight into market volatility, the result of catastrophic events, interest rate risk, etc. We can help you improve your ability to understand and solve risk scenarios and gauge the impact on your organization’s solvency, risk-based capital, and risk appetite. 



We understand that financial services organizations often have complex legal structures with shared service organizations, service companies, and intra/intercompany relationships that require billing, reporting, and analysis. Managing allocations and manual billing creates unnecessary complexity, lacks transparency, and is cumbersome to manage. Alithya helps organizations create a streamlined approach to these types of allocations and billings that provides a repeatable process that offers transparency and insight.  


Close and consolidation

We help our clients improve their close and consolidations processes and enhance business predictability with solutions that integrate financial and operational planning processes. We can help you leverage and maximize your entire technology investment to improve collaboration, generate accurate, consistent and realistic results, and improve transparency and compliance. 


Data integration

Integrating key technical and business processes provide consistent, secure, and trusted data for a clear business outlook. And in the cloud era, integration allows businesses to explore a hybrid approach and connect current on-premises and future cloud solutions. Our services help clients recognize, transform, and deliver data in a consistent, secure, and integrated manner to produce trusted and governed information for overall performance management improvement. Whether data is sourced from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), or Business Intelligence (BI) systems, our unmatched experience and certified experts guide organizations to one single version of the truth.


Business analytics


Built on our extensive knowledge of the financial sector, Alithya’s business analytics team uses technology to its fullest extent in order to make work teams more effective. 


We offer: 


  • Business analytics for trading 
  • Business analytics investment 
  • Business analytics for credit risk 
  • Business analytics for portfolio performance 
  • Prime brokerage 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Alithya offers a host of AI tools designed for your financial services and insurance needs. Our solutions include AI analytics for trading compliance, an analytics assessment to determine if machine learning is suitable for your business objectives, and an AI enablement tool that allows your business analysts to independently perform AI analytics. 


Advanced data visualization

There is a mountain of strategic insight within your data. Uncover it with Alithya’s advanced visualization. 

Turn your data into interactive graphics with Alithya’s advanced visualization toolkit (AVT). This lightweight but powerful solution uses advanced HTML5 visualization components to create compelling and complex data-driven documents.

Increase sales securely and efficiently 

Use resources efficiently and create and control access for groups and users with a secure, interoperable platform of virtual machines, networks, web apps, databases, and more. Leverage data to predict and prevent churn, forecast business outcomes, and evaluate performance. 

Deliver differentiated experiences

Designed to accelerate loyality, growth, and profitability through personalized customer interaction and financial insights


Empower employees

Use solutions to improve productivity and workflows to boost employee experiences and strengthen customer connections


Combat financial crime

Help identify and respond to evolving criminal activity while helping to protect against losses

Prototyping and Validation

Boost security and compliance

Help stay ahead of sophisticated attacks and on top of evolving regulatory requirements


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