Industry and functional solutions developed with your needs in mind

Alithya's proprietary solutions leverage Oracle EPM’s Profitability and Cost Management (PCMCS) and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting (EPBCS) to tackle your most pressing operational challenges.



Capital Portfolio Planning

Suitable for all industries with capital-intensive purchases, Alithya’s capital portfolio planning solution helps leverage Oracle's EPM Planning to deploy a full lifecycle process from capital request to in-service asset. treamline the management of large capital project portfolios and eliminate the pain of administering paper, Excel, and Word-based capital request, prioritization, and approval processes. 

Proven prescriptive process

Born from multiple implementations across Healthcare, Higher Ed, Transportation, and Manufacturing, our CPP solution provides a prescriptive capital request through in-service asset process.


  • One leading EPM platform - Leverages the leading SaaS Cloud Planning platform, Oracle EPM Planning, to provide a modern, interactive, and scalable solution. 
  • Integrates with Oracle EPM planning, financials capital and projects - Handles the capital request to the capital budget setting process, including managing the budget of in-flight capital projects. 
  • Minimize operational risk - Integrates with most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) procure-to-pay processes to ensure capital budgets are not overspent while allowing ongoing management of capital project budgets throughout the year. 
  • Continual strategic evaluation - Provides department owners with an analytic sandbox to evaluate capital request backlog throughout the year, facilitating simplified approval submission during the planning season. 


Alithya’s Operational Transfer Pricing (OTP)


Designed for any industry with global business, Alithya’s Operational Transfer Pricing promotes transparency and flexibility to enable faster model changes without sacrificing ease of use. It delivers an integrated way to manage and report the effect of operational transfer pricing easily and efficiently across your organization on a global scale. 


We can help you implement an operational transfer pricing process to:


  • Integrate transfer pricing data with other financial information 
  • Automate intensive manual maintenance of transfer pricing process and solutions 
  • Make inefficient transfer pricing settings more efficient 
  • Streamline time-consuming and inflexible reporting 
  • Control the sequential nature of the transfer pricing process 
  • Expedite access of financial information to internal and external financial consumers 
  • Remedy cumbersome intercompany and foreign exchange validation 

Secure, scalable, modern healthcare analytics

Alithya Cost of Care Analytics

Obtain visibility into key service area performance metrics by combining operational and financial data. Improve the quality and consistency of care by identifying trends across patients, physicians, and services. Take advantage of self-service and structured analyses across clinical service line, provider, specialty, organization, department, and charged service items.

Our Cost of Care Analytics provides:

  • Fast time-to-value with foundational solution implementation 
  • Improved organizational insights with data visualizations 
  • One version of the truth for key business data 
  • Self-service discovery enforces data driven decisions delivery alongside strategic finance-focused KPIs. 
  • Embedded Artificial Intelligence to identify outliers in Service Line 
  • Profitability enhanced with the ability to drill to costing-based Provider performance. 

Alithya Healthcare Labor Productivity

Experience improvements in employee satisfaction, quality outcomes and productivity metrics with Alithya’s Healthcare Labor Productivity solution. Achieve the optimal skill mix for a department based on units of service with user-friendly, flexible analytics and reporting of timely information while supporting the federal regulation requirements for healthcare organizations

Improve User Experience with Agile Technology

nurse using an iPad
  • Integrated scheduling, time and attendance, daily utilization and volume, payroll hours and dollars, targets, and employee demographics data 
  • Role-based dashboard capabilities 
  • Detailed analytics by employee, job code, and daily activities 
  • Detailed, hourly productivity analysis by actual, productive, target hours 
  • Calculated metrics to examine hours by stats and actual worked hours by stat 
  • Identification of opportunities to control labor expense and find areas where improvement initiatives can be made 

Alithya Bank Margin Planning


Improve the accuracy of financial plans by having the ability to forecast deposits and loans on the balance sheet to effectively calculate net interest margin, non-interest expense, and income. Let us help. Our bank margin planning solution leverages Oracle Cloud EPM to continually evaluate the impact of market volatility, consumer trends, and abrupt industry changes on financial statements.


  • Make Planning and Forecasting Easier - Visualize results with comprehensive reporting and metrics for executives, managers, and planners. 
  • Analyze Performance at a Glance - Use charts that display period-over-period performance across product lines to determine where and when to take action. 
  • Improve Productivity and Efficiency – Eliminate manual offline spreadsheets and forecast more quickly and frequently to manage margins more effectively 
  • Increase Transparency – Gain visibility into the impact of drivers and assumptions for greater insight into what is driving the balance sheet – now and in the future. 

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