Technology Partners

Whether it is implementing enterprise software from a globally respected company, leveraging the cloud for instant scalability, integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning for improved efficiency, or other digital transformation services – we deliver the answers to your problems.

AWS Partner


Use Microsoft to realize your desired business outcomes. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner in the top 1% of all Dynamics partners, we have the proven expertise to make your digital transformation a success.

Dynamics 365 



Streamline finance and operations with enterprise resource planning. Boost sales, service, and marketing ROI with customer relationship management. Accomplish it all with D365 and our implementation services. 

Azure Cloud Adoption



Move to the cloud chosen by 90% of Fortune 500 companies. Modernize your applications, scale instantly, and cut IT costs by migrating to Azure with our expert guidance.  

Power Apps 

Power Apps


Automate processes, unify data, and extend the functionality of enterprise applications to increase efficiency and productivity with Microsoft Power Apps and Alithya 365 Power Apps. 

Azure for BI & Analytics 

Power BI


Make better decisions, work more efficiently, ensure data governance and security, and more with Azure, Synapse Analytics, and Power BI. Connect and visualize your data with our business intelligence and analytics services. 


Use Oracle to connect planning motions across finance, operations, and human resources. As a leading Oracle partner for over 25 years, we have perfected our services to help our clients thrive.

Oracle Cloud applications 

Oracle Fusion


Embrace connected planning and combine ERP, EPM, and HCM for a more proactive and holistic approach to running your business. Our Oracle experts can implement one module, one system or the whole suite.

Alithya proprietary Oracle solutions

Alithya Oracle Digital Solutions


Discover new ways of operating with our proprietary digital solutions built leveraging Oracle EPM. Based on thousands of implementations, we’ve created solutions that go deeper to better solve specific planning and reporting challenges.



Solve common problems and build faster using the AWS platform and Alithya’s team of certified experts. Designed to be operationally effective, reliable, secure, and cost effective, every AWS Solution comes with detailed architecture, a deployment guide, and instructions for both automated and manual deployment.

Other Partners

other Alithya partners

Take advantage of our experience and working relationship with other technology partners such as Delphix, Snowflake and Splunk to meet your unique business needs. We carefully choose solution providers to maximize efficiency and ensure current and future client needs are met with exacting detail using the perfectly suited platform or software.

Our Technologies

Only available at Alithya, our purpose-built technologies solve specific challenges and demonstrate our commitment to continuously innovate for the benefit of our clients.

Alithya Rapid QA

Simplify your processes and deliver high-quality software by centralizing and automating your tests with Alithya Rapid QA, our end-to-end testing platform.

Alithya AI-FI 

Use the power of our artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to automate crucial operational functions, like trade surveillance and pipe inspection, for improved outcomes. 

CASSI™ Analytics and KPIs for Nuclear Plant Maintenance 

Improve preparation, execution, backlog, and reliability-centered activities with CASSI. This proprietary work management reporting software helps you ensure safe and efficient plant operations.

Alithya SIDER 

Streamline the distribution of electronic medical results, access results quickly and easily, save on operating costs, and reduce the chances of error with SIDER. 

Alithya RapidSUITE

Automate time-consuming, manual processes with Alithya RapidSUITE. This intelligent document processing solution leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract and organize data into accessible formats.