The automated and manual testing tool for software solutions

Looking for an easy and straightforward way to develop your testing strategy? Alithya Rapid QA was designed to fill gaps in the market. Most testing platforms don’t let you perform end-to-end testing, which increases the risk of bugs and slows down the process. Alithya Rapid QA is the only platform that lets you do true end-to-end testing without extensive technical knowledge. It runs all kinds of functional tests (such as Web, mobile and API), from the standard to the most specific, without the need to install extra libraries or modules.

Alithya Rapid QA

Switch from manual execution to automation with just one click, for all your tests.


Spend time on more complex, valuable functions, instead of repetitive testing tasks.

How does Alithya Rapid QA work? 

What makes the platform different is how easy is to use, thanks to its powerful keyword-based testing features. Whether you’re a QA expert or have basic technical skills, this tool makes test automation scripting fast and easy. Its easy, intuitive interface provides an enjoyable user experience, making manual and automated testing accessible to all. Alithya Rapid QA simplifies the testing process and gives you reliable and effective testing results.


And you can always turn to our experts and cross-functional teams, including digital technology and software engineering consultants, for help in various areas.  Alithya Rapid QA is more than just a platform; it’s access to specialized services to help integrate the tool into your ecosystem. 


Along with the platform, the following options are also available:  


  • Customized training on the tool
  • The Rapid QA Accelerator provides start-up support to make the most of your investment (setting up agreements, training, support, and developing foundations with help from a Rapid QA expert)
  • Access to specialized scripters with the platform

Automated testing ensures your processes meet expectations


We offer a comprehensive approach to continuous testing.

Centralize and automate your testing with Alithya Rapid QA to streamline your processes and deliver high-quality software. You can consolidate all your tests and automate them efficiently with Alithya Rapid QA, which optimizes your resources and speeds up the validation process. By automating your tests with Alithya Rapid QA you get a consistent and reliable approach that ensures accurate results and better coverage of test scenarios. Your clients get robust, high-quality software that fully meets their expectations. 

What features does Alithya Rapid QA offer?

Document test scenarios

Alithya Rapid QA streamlines the documentation process by making it easy for users to write test scenarios, so documentation and testing is together in one place. Our tool allows you to easily keep track of everything, whether you’re doing automated or manual testing, or both.

It frees you to focus on adding business value for your organization. 

Generate scripts without programming skills


Alithya Rapid QA uses keywords from popular test libraries, making it easy and fast to create scripts. You can also create your own custom keywords from the ones you already have.


And automating manual test scenarios is a breeze with Alithya Rapid QA; you can run a manual or automated test in the same scenario. 

Run your manual, automated, or hybrid tests yourself or using Alithya Rapid QA's API


Alithya Rapid QA makes sure your organization’s processes are efficient, with end-to-end validation.


Our automated testing tool is complementary to any other testing tool. This makes it easy to run and integrate all your scripts sequentially, whatever application component you’re testing.


And did we mention that you can run manual AND automated tests in the same test case? 

Monitor the entire test process and analyze your results 


With Alithya Rapid QA, you can run a series of systematic, repeatable tests from the beginning of the development cycle. Check the dashboard for test results and application statuses.


Alithya Rapid QA gives you complete control over the quality and operational compliance of your IT systems.


Alithya Rapid QA plans


 Unlimited                Limited                ✗  Not Available                 $  Additional Fees Apply  





 Essential  Professional  Enterprise  Premium 
Small teamSmall enterpriseMedium enterprise
Number of users
Test executions
Data retention
Manual executions
Sequential automated executions  
Parallel testing✗ ◆  (2)◆  (5)◆  (10)
Multi tenants
Key Features* 
A la Carte (test PDF, JIRA Integration)✗ A la carteA la carteAll included
HostingCloud onlyCloud (free) / Local ($)
Automation support$$25 H incl.
Rapid QA Accelerator$$$Included


* Web Testing, API Testing, Mobile Testing, Desktop Testing, Recorder, Excel Import, Scheduler, Video Playback, Real-time Video, CI/CD Integration, Public Rapid QA API Access

Try it yourself

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Key benefits


Unlimited keyword approach 

Alithya Rapid QA is the tool you need to automate your tests. Try it for yourself! Connect any API and use built-in libraries of popular keywords, or create your own.


Plan and centralize all your tests

If you’re responsible for many different quality assurance projects, centralize and automate all your tests in one place with Alithya Rapid QA!


View your testing plan as a project 

Alithya Rapid QA lets you check the quality of your applications or websites. The testing process is a team effort. Keep an eye on your current projects with our monitoring dashboard.

Alithya Rapid QA for ERP/CRM

A dedicated SaaS platform for testing ERP updates, which automates the process and minimizes operational interruptions. This end-to-end automated testing solution saves you time and exceeds expectations by ensuring your updates are fully and efficiently validated.

How it works

  • Manual and automated testing in one place
  • Automated test projects synchronized with vendor updates
  • Automated test projects kept by version
  • Test evidence automatically generated and kept permanently
  • Configuration supported by Alithya
  • Over 1,000 certified test scenarios for core Oracle Fusion features 

More services

  • Start-up accelerator
  • Individual expertise
  • QaaS (managed service)
  • Automation outsourcing
  • Quality assurance training, guidance and support so you can work on your own
  • QA & automation support 

Key benefits

  • No technical expertise required
  • Automation via Recorder or keyword association
  • Save testing time and increase stability
  • See overall and detailed results at any time
  • Eliminate the added stress of forced upgrades 

Seeing is believing!

Schedule a live demo with one of our experts when it’s convenient for you and find out more about Alithya Rapid QA’s many applications.