Our technologies

At Alithya, we’ve leveraged our experience and expertise to develop a range of proprietary applications that streamline or enhance your most crucial business and IT processes. 

Alithya Rapid QA


We developed Alithya Rapid QA, an end-to-end testing platform for both automated and manual tests that can execute a full range of functional tests.

CASSI™ Analytics and KPIs for Nuclear Plant Maintenance


At Alithya, we know just how crucial safety and efficiency are to running a healthy plant. We created CASSI™, a work management reporting software, to help you improve preparation, execution, backlog, and reliability-centered activities. 

Alithya RapidSUITE

Alithya RapidSUITE helps you streamline and automate time-consuming manual processes with the power of intelligent document processing via artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Alithya AI-FI

We developed a range of AI- and machine learning-powered solutions to automate key processes, like trade surveillance and pipe inspection, for improved outcomes.

Alithya SIDER

Streamline the distribution of electronic medical results, access results quickly and easily, save on operating costs, and reduce the chances of error with SIDER.