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Part of the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Power Apps are no-code and low-code apps that help you modernize your business processes, unify data, and optimize productivity. At Alithya, we leverage our 20+ years of Microsoft experience to help you and your team get the most out of Microsoft Power Apps. With our strategy and services, and Microsoft Power App features, your organization can automate and solve problems faster by connecting to Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps. 

Benefits include:

  • Empower citizen developers 
  • Modernize applications faster 
  • Save money 
  • Use any data source 
  • Scale with confidence 

Automate processes and connect to Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Azure

Alithya 365 Powerhouse Playbook


Validate business value, gain internal buy-in, train citizen developers, and accelerate internal adoption of Power Apps. Build effective applications with confidence, thanks to Alithya’s governance and best practices guidance. 


The Alithya 365 Powerhouse Playbook is our proven combination of advisory services, practical hands-on training, and Microsoft Power Apps that helps you: 


  • Educate and train your employees to leverage the Microsoft Power Platform with Power Apps 
  • Validate business value, gain internal buy-in and accelerate adoption of Power App projects 
  • Take advantage of coaching services to train users of all levels to create valuable low-code business Apps that respect best practices for compliance and security 
  • Gain visibility into who is building what and which data sources are being used 

Alithya 365 Power Apps

Give your team the higher-quality data they need to plan better, sell more, track assets and warranties, and process returns.  


Make account planning and business forecasting easier with Power Apps that bring together previously siloed data to provide a single view of customer behavior and market trends. 


  • Alithya 365 Smart Order Entry 
    Configure, price, quote and fulfill complex orders based on inventory and build-to-suit configured products, including parts, warranty, and dynamic pricing. 


  • Alithya 365 Advanced Field Service 
    Support customer serialized assets, track warranty claims/RMA, and add safety protocols to keep field technicians safe on the job. 


  • Alithya 365 Equipment Dealers 
    Close more deals and target the right prospects. This Power App leverages Dynamics 365 Sales and Field Service to enable tracking of equipment sales and service history. Leveraging Dynamics 365 Sales allows sales professionals to make decisions based on AI and data. 

Track patient and physician referrals, tie phone call info to marketing campaigns, and monitor the community health continuum. 


  • Alithya 365 PRM 
    Improve your visibility into physician relationship management processes 


  • Alithya 365 Patient Outreach 
    Track patient progress throughout the entire care continuum and see trends or patterns in patient health outcomes 


  • Alithya 365 Marketing Analytics 
    Connect inbound patient phone calls to outbound marketing campaigns 


  • Alithya 365 Facilities Management 
    Get a grip on warranty coverages, work order histories, claims processing and returns for hospital equipment 
  • Alithya 365 Agency Management 
    Improve customer-facing interactions and arm brokers and agents with valuable data to manage and close business faster. 


  • Alithya 365 Power Apps for Insurance Brokers 
    Onboard and manage your insurance agents efficiently and reduce risks by staying complaint. 

We worked with a great team at Alithya. They were such a pleasure to work with and I am amazed how we got to where our Power Apps is in such a short period of time. 


Amy Simpson

Director of Program Delivery, Adoption-Share

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