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Let’s face it - change is scary – but also 100% necessary to grow and evolve. That’s why you’ve decided to make the leap and invest in your company’s future with a digital transformation. But a staggering 70% percent of digital transformation projects fail and have consistently failed dating back to the 1970s.* Why? Organizations nearly cross the finish line but ignore what’s most important – the end users.  


What is change enablement?


Change enablement is the process of managing change in a controlled, efficient, and standardized way to minimize business risk and maintain service continuity. This involves assessing the impact and potential risks of proposed changes before they are introduced and ensuring that any potential disruptions are identified and mitigated.


A digital transformation requires a change in mindset. Ultimately, it’s about reinventing the way an organization works and what is at the core of an organization—people.



*Source: Global Digital Assurance

Change doesn’t stop – or start – at deployment

post deployment productivity and ROI

New technology is only as effective as the attitudes and behaviors of those actually using it: your employees. At Alithya, we believe it’s vital to develop trust and confidence with end users throughout the entire transformation process. Alithya’s change enablement services provide everything you and your employees need to adopt new technologies. 


With our comprehensive change enablement services, you can: 


  • Increase productivity 
  • Boost morale and customer satisfaction
  • Maximize your ROI 


We focus on facilitating a smooth adoption of new systems or technology, mitigating resistance, and ensuring that employees are equipped to embrace and utilize the system effectively. 

Why Alithya change enablement?

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increase in productivity output
faster adoption rate
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Change enablement starts with strong leadership

Have a clear vision

Person looking through binoculars focused on horizon

A successful change leader is an inspiring visionary with modern business standards. They know the pain points that the digital transformation addresses inside and out. Successful leaders anticipate employee concerns well in advance and address them throughout their vision to support the change. This clarity in vision will help employees overcome fears and keep them engaged throughout the process.


Create an action-oriented, strategic plan


It’s imperative for leadership to create a detailed strategic plan to kickstart the change initiative and achieve critical milestones. A well-drafted plan helps employees connect with the vision and understand their roles and responsibilities in making the initiative successful. It also highlights the underlying tasks, priorities, structures, behaviors, and resources.


Clear and frequent communication

Clear communication

Effective change communication from leaders must address the questions such as ‘the need for change’, ‘benefits of change’ and ‘what’s in it for me.’ This communication must be bi-directional and encourage employees to voice their concerns. 

The most human change enablement service on the market

We believe digital transformation is human transformation.

Change management digital transformation


Our change enablement service prepares your organization and your employees ahead of deployment for a seamless transition.


Digital transformation which focuses on technology and people means that user adoption is a parallel, integrated work stream that includes end-user requirements and a focus on adoption change enablement.


Essential principles of change enablement:


  • Sponsors are visible and engaged.
  • Adoption is fostered via communications, training, champions’ networks, adoption activities, and planning.
  • ROI is increased through usage.
  • Persona analysis identifies change resistors and defines how to help them become change champions. 

Alithya's Propel change enablement methodology

Alithya’s Propel change enablement methodology follows the Prosci® ADKAR model, which is used by thousands of change leaders around the world.

Propel change enablement stages:

1. Discover

Uncovering your needs


We evaluate your unique organizational culture and requirements. From this assessment, we help you identify potential blockers and key success factors to ensure your end-users embrace and maximize new technologies.

magnifying glass

2. Plan

Here’s the fun part!


Our planning services are designed to generate excitement around the change. This could include a range of options, including communications strategy and planning, end user support training plan, customized learning content, and governance planning.

strategy board

3. Adopt


We help you implement a tailored training solution that’s engineered to get your employees and end-users more productive, more quickly.

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4. Empower

Never stop growing


Our continuous learning services help you achieve organization-wide transformation and maximize ROI.   


Change enablement workshops delivered on-site or virtually

Through change enablement workshops, we help build your strategy, identify gaps, and develop a transition and training plan for digital adoption success. 

Identify the roadblocks, scope, resources, governance, and actions necessary to move forward with your technical deployment. 

Bring key sponsors and stakeholders together to build a unified vision, strategy, and sponsor coalition to ensure transformation success. 

Build Change Champions Network and use case scenarios to help individuals understand “what’s in it for me,” (WIIFM) and adapt to change.

Define gaps, resistance, use case scenarios and mitigation plans to equip the team with the solutions to develop a scalable change enablement strategy. 

Change enablement transition report

The information gathered during the workshop(s) will be reviewed and summarized in Alithya’s change enablement transition report. This report contains feedback about the current state, the desired future state, assessment results, suggested remediations as well as suggested plans and tactics. The report recommends industry leading tactics and services, tailored to meet your organization's change enablement needs. 


Backed by our research, we provide you with customized:


  • Gap analysis, which will identify your organization’s adoption readiness.
  • Training and adoption strategies, which are outlined in the report and integrated in communications. 

Knowledge is power

Embrace new technologies and ways of doing business with our digital skilling and change enablement services.  

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Digital adoption and training

Ensure users are comfortable with new technologies by providing the knowledge they need, resulting in increased productivity, reduced errors, and improved job satisfaction.

Organizational change management

Over-arching organizational changes, like reporting structures, business processes, and more, require in depth project management and analysis to understand the full scope and impact. Our change management consulting services will ensure nothing is missed and help your organization adapt.