Engage and retain employees

In a cloud first, hybrid work world, resources are critical to engage and retain employees. Alithya leverages more than 30 years of training and adoption service experience to help companies address issues that impact the human side of transformation by providing the enterprise learning needed to support organization-wide digital transformation. 

Create a culture that embraces innovation and change

Innovation and Change

Our change enablement services are combined into custom solutions tailored to jumpstart your digital transformation journey. When paired with our digital skilling platform, our change enablement services fuel powerful progress to create lasting technology changes.

Make employee skilling flexible, scalable, and always available

Skilling and Adoption

Our skilling and adoption services can be combined into custom solutions in our continuous learning platform and tailored to your employees’ unique learning styles. Access to our productivity consultants is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for live and instant support via phone, chat, or email when it’s needed most.

Invest in employee learning for the technology of today and tomorrow

Employee Learning

Our training services can be accessed through our continuous learning platform to meet your workforce and business needs in near real time. Discover more about our approach and our continuous learning services.

Digital adoption program

Data-driven approach

Alithya careers

Alithya has developed a data-driven approach to adoption that gives companies an objective way of tracking technology adoption in line with their goals.  


We start by identifying your desired business outcomes, then we build a set of adoption criteria dashboards to cover three areas:  


  • Access - Are the right users getting into the system?  
  • Data - Are users entering data that will contribute to achieving your business outcomes?  
  • Process - Are users following processes set out at the start of the initiative that you view as critical to achieving business outcomes?  


After go-live, we’ll evaluate whether criteria need to be adjusted based on actual usage to ensure reasonable expectations, review progress, and help address gaps. We’ll also deliver recommendations for ongoing adoption improvement and help you identify and train the right person or people to manage adoption. 

What makes our employee upskilling and training service standout?

Modalities for every learning style

Live instructor-led training, PDF guides, videos: Our materials are available in every format imaginable to make skill building as easy as possible on our award-winning platform.

24/7 On demand support

No matter how comprehensive our training materials are, we know sometimes you just need to talk to a real person. The experts at our 24/7 call center are there to walk you through any project and process, no matter the technology.

Our proven approach

We emphasize the human aspect of digital transformation because this approach gets results. Our methodology improves active usage and reduces deployment time by up to 50%, dramatically cutting expenses and improving productivity.

Work with an experienced partner

Alithya has successfully completed 1,500 implementations, both small and large. We have seen what works – and what doesn’t – to ensure long-term success. Alithya is developing new programs all the time that support our customers’ ongoing pre and post-implementation needs, adoption, and ultimately success. We can work with your team to customize a solution.