January 16, 2023
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Alithya’s client is a national nonprofit headquartered in Washington, D.C. that works to help support their community and create positive social change by focusing on issues that affect older adults. Through their developing partnerships, programs, and services, this organization empowers their members to live their best across industries like health and wellness, financial services, and travel.

The nonprofit’s initial engagement with Alithya began in 2017 during a company migration to Microsoft 365 and Windows. As with any company that undergoes a major tech investment, the nonprofit needed to carefully consider and plan for the business challenges like system integrations, data transfer, and security. And just as critical, they needed to determine how they were going to provide IT support and adoption services to their 2,000 employees at scale during and after the transition.

Ensuring a seamless end-user transition to Microsoft 365 and Windows with Alithya

Alithya, an award-winning Microsoft Partner recognized for their expertise in change enablement, employee skilling, and end user support, was contracted by the nonprofit to assist in their migration. Alithya delivered customized employee webinars and on-site instructor-led training sessions at the client’s regional offices across the U.S. to help get end users acclimated to their new software applications. With these trainings, the nonprofit accelerated the deployment of Microsoft 365 and Windows to their entire organization, including the setup and activation of Skype enabled laptops and headsets for all employees.

Maximizing application ROI through ongoing employee skilling and adoption services

After the go-live, the nonprofit continued to leverage Alithya for end user software training and 24x7 how-to phone support so that employees could have ongoing access to resources without burdening their internal IT department. The nonprofit’s team was seeing value in outsourcing their IT support through Alithya – their employees were productive, trained, and properly supported, leading to greater utilization and ROI on their Microsoft applications.

Our client then deployed Alithya’s continuous learning platform to all their users – a single resource for employee training, learning, and on-demand support, accessible through the Learn Now app in Microsoft Teams. With the continuous learning platform, employees have a variety of tools available to help them better use their Microsoft applications, including 24x7 phone and chat support and on-demand learning and training content. The nonprofit is now benefiting from:

  • Employees finding IT resolutions quickly when they chat or speak live with a Alithya consultant, increasing productivity for users
  • Employees broadening their education through content like how-to videos, step-by-step guides, and instructor-led webinars, resulting in a knowledgeable, upskilled workforce


  • 470 hours of on-demand support and learning content tracked (active usage)               
  • 1,409 on-demand support tickets resolved         
  • 77% Microsoft Teams Phone System utilization         
  • 59% Microsoft Teams Meetings utilization

*Data from January 2021 to October 2022

Alithya serves as trusted advisor for client’s digital transformation journey

Over the years, the nonprofit and Alithya’s partnership has evolved from a project-based relationship to one where they now views Alithya as their trusted advisor for modern work and employee adoption. The nonprofit works closely with Alithya to identify innovative technology solutions that can meet the needs of their organization, determine how those technologies will best serve their diverse workforce, and make sure that they align with their unique company culture.

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