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Sydney Stoner
As an E-Learning and Media Specialist ...
How-to Get Training Ready for Your CRM Initiative
CRM Training

There is a lot to think about as you plan the rollout of your CRM. For starters, you are going to want to think about ...

Webinar - What Can Field Service Automation Do For You?

Save Time and Become More Efficient  Manually tracking equipment and scheduling service maintenance is time consuming. ...

Initiative Planning Made Easy: Adopt an Effective, Efficient Planning Process

View this webinar to gain the insight needed to help finance teams coordinate an effective and efficient initiative planning process. Learn how Alithya’s best practices solution leveraging Oracle EPM Cloud makes it work seamlessly to simplify initiative planning.  

CUSTOMER STORY: Continental Mills

Continental Mills chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as it allows customizations and provides compatibility across various ...


Communications Team

During the month of June, Alithya conducted a survey of its clients and the general public in order to get a clearer ...

Steve Sanderson
A senior account executive at Alithya, ...
Handling the Impact of Tariffs in the Construction Market

The construction market in the United States is surely being impacted by the ever-changing landscape of tariffs and ...

Webinar - Modern Data Architecture

Is your data architecture ready for tomorrow's challenges? Listen in on this webinar where Paul Berrevoets, Data and ...

Statutory Reporting Made Easy: Adopt a Transparent, Effective, and Efficient Reporting Cycle

View this webinar as it demonstrates the use of end-user analytics tools to understand the evolving needs of diverse patient populations – to enable health providers to deploy and allocate appropriate resources (i.e., staff, technology, inventory) for reaching these patients – and to prioritize the delivery of the most relevant services to enable the most beneficial outcomes.  

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