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Communications Team
The 10 Biggest Fears of Developers

To newbies, the process of coding software might seem like a walk through a haunted house full of cobwebs and spooky ...

Margin Planning for Effective Decision Support

With the complexities surrounding the creation of effective drivers and assumptions as well as changes in market ...

John Patterson
Essbase 19C: Spreadsheet to Cube in 60 Seconds

7 Tips for Using SmartView Cube Designer’s Transform Data Feature to Build Richer Analytics at Nearly the Speed of ...

Mike Pilch
Finance Leaders Offer Data-Driven Analysis to Steer Business Performance and Sustainability Amid Uncertainty

The competitive advantage businesses need to remain proactive and agile during unprecedented times. It's an ...

Kevin Black
Enterprise Data Management: Why Conditional Approval Policies Are a Game Changer

Introduction It’s been quite interesting to see how much Oracle Enterprise Data Management (EDM) has evolved and ...

Alecs Mlynarzek
Out-of-the-Box Features: Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Services (PCMCS) - Model Validation

If you have been watching my blog series, you are probably wondering how many more Profitability and Cost Management ...

Ruston Eads
Ruston Eads is a Microsoft enthusiast ...
How to Improve Agent Productivity with Omnichannel Customer Service
Customer Service

Your agents deserve to utilize a system that enables them to work smarter, not harder. When your agents have the ...

Reddy Beeram
Reddy currently serves as Director of ...
7 Reasons Companies Are Migrating to the Cloud
Digital Transformation

In our previous blog, we talked about what a move to the Cloud could mean for your business. Now, let’s talk about what ...

John Theobald
2 Reasons ERP-Based PLM Improves Data Flow for Concept to Distribution Manufacturing

Data Silos Siloed data is a way of the past. Today, it’s significantly more beneficial to have data flowing in more ...

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