Government IT services and consulting that reduce risks

The role of the public sector is to provide services that help citizens thrive. In our current digital era, it is more important than ever to ensure that all citizens can access these services securely, seamlessly and efficiently. Our trusted team is dedicated to forming true partnerships with our governmental clients to develop and implement the right digital solutions and strategies for your objectives.  

Our IT services for governments provide greater peace of mind

Our long-term clients rely on us for our comprehensive support and the integration of end-to-end-solutions. We tailor our services to the needs of the organization and demands of the project. In general, our government IT consulting offering includes:  



We know how to appreciate your organization’s big picture without losing sight of the details. Our teams draw upon their extensive experience with government agencies and apply this insight to your specific vision. We take into account your specifications, your constraints, and the technology itself to devise a comprehensive strategy that helps you meet your public service goals 



To ensure the success of your digital evolution and transformation, you need trusted partners who can consistently monitor the latest trends and technologies. Our IT infrastructure, architecture, and systems consultants stay on top of the latest innovations to ensure you have the best at your disposal

Project management


Regardless of what direction your organization takes, our teams know how to adapt project management to your goals. You can choose to integrate an Alithya team within your structure or take advantage of the flexibility and space offered by having our teams work remotely. Our decades of experience on varied projects have given us an exceptional capacity to adapt, excellent knowledge of the public sector, and a custom approach based on best practices and the latest project management tools. We understand your unique challenges, timelines, structure and systems to give you the best possible service 

Enterprise services


We have helped hundreds of companies across all industries get the most from their technology. Not only do our teams offer industry-proven services that are tailored to meet your needs and goals, but we also offer a range of support services like training and consultation to implement solutions faster and get your team on board. If you need help selecting the best solutions for your needs, we’re here for you

Our approach

With over 20 years of experience in the public sector, we know exactly how to leverage this expertise, while tailoring our approach to each and every unique project. For our clients in the government sector, we believe in: 

True partnership

Our #1 goal is to help you achieve yours. We start by listening to your objectives and learning about your organization. Then we assemble the right team of experts and develop the right methodology to help you best achieve your goals


Putting the citizen first

In every sector, we put the client experience at the center of the digital transformation. This is even more crucial in the public sector. By making the citizen the focus of our technological and strategic discussion, we can align our solutions and strategy with your organizational culture 


Shared risk

We immediately identify any potential risks from the outset in order to best address them. By leaving us to anticipate all outcomes, you can have greater peace of mind and achieve your goals more easily and confidently


Agility and innovation

By moving toward an agile mindset, you can achieve your goals more efficiently and better serve your citizens