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We take into account your management style while offering an agile and innovative vision.
Alithya, a preferred supplier for government organizations

We have been completing mandates in the public sector for several years. Whether it is in the business or technology segment of a project, our teams are known for their high level expertise.

Extensive knowledge of governmental organizations, their management style and methods allows Alithya’s consultants to be operational immediately.  Their continuously updated skills ensure successful project execution that incorporates the latest technologies and trends.

Risk management, an Alithya priority

Whether our team is supporting your upper management in its position and strategic alignment or helping you with the evolution and blending of technologies, you can count on us to incorporate risk management into the process from the outset.

By immediately identifying the risks and the means of reducing them, Alithya gives you greater peace of mind in the long run. You can also achieve your goals more easily, and improve your systems’ efficiency and processes while boosting your confidence.

Incorporating an agile vision in the public function

With its extensive expertise in business architecture, Alithya offers its government clients an integrated agile approach.

Adopting this mindset encourages a shift in attitude and makes it easier to achieve tangible goals.Moreover, teams can quickly see the results of their efforts.

The client experience: the citizen comes first

Alithya puts the client experience at the centre of the digital transformation. On the one hand, it creates an evolution in designing technological solutions for government organizations and on the other hand, it creates a paradigm shift in the services of its clients. By making the citizen the focus of the technological and strategic discussion, Alithya lets you act in accordance with your organizational principles and foundations with the help of practical and powerful tools.

Health Governement Agency

For more than eight years, the organization has turned to Alithya primarily for strategic needs, for both its business and technology sectors.

Trust our experts for advice on :
Strategic advice Technological advice Project management Enterprise solutions

Strategic advice

Alithya’s teams are known for their ability to understand the big picture of how an organization functions without losing sight of the details. This stems from the extensive experience they have gathered from completing numerous mandates with government agencies and they apply this sensibility to understanding your vision. With your specifications, your internal and external constraints, and the evolution of technology in mind, they offer strategic planning that meets your  public service goals.

Our consultants can guide you through an optimal organisational transformation with the help of in-depth business analysis, optimised processes and change management that has an eye on the human factor.

Technological advice

The technological evolution of your organization requires trends and tools to be constantly monitored in order to distinguish the essential from the non-essential.  Our infrastructure technology, architecture technology, systems and digital applications development consultants have these skills along with thorough knowledge of numerous industries in addition to that of the government. 

They know how to guide you and help you plan the key steps in managing your legacy systems, required updates or new installations according to your organizational capacity and the demands of your industry.

Project management

Regardless of what direction your organization takes, our teams know how to adapt project management to your goals, by using an agile or a more traditional approach. You can choose to integrate an Alithya team within your structure or take advantage of the flexibility and space offered by having our teams work remotely.

The highly varied projects we have managed over the years have left us with an exceptional capacity to adapt, excellent knowledge of the government industry and a tailored approach based on best practices and the evolution of project management tools.

Enterprise solutions

Alithya has helped hundreds of companies from all industries, especially the government, get the best from their Microsoft and Oracle solutions in order to transform and evolve.

Not only do our teams offer industry proven solutions that are tailored to meet your  particular needs and goals, they offer a range of support services such as training and consultation to get solutions implemented faster and make them easier for your users to embrace.