Trusted advisors for higher education institutions

At Alithya, we have built a dedicated team of experts in higher education. Instead of generic implementation teams, our IT consultants leverage their domain expertise to help institutions around the world optimize their digital and IT strategies. 


We rely on our experience and expertise to develop a full range of services and solutions tailored to your institution to support you in your IT implementation and digital transformation journey.



Our offer

Digital transformation strategy


Why do you need a strategy? Building a strategy around your student journey helps to identify where you are, where you want to go, and how you’ll get there. 


Through our work with research institutions, specialized schools, colleges, and private institutions, Alithya has acquired a deep understanding of the common challenges faced by educational institutions. 


We have developed a range of accelerators to help address these issues: 

  • The higher education capability map 
  • The higher education data framework 
  • The higher education digital architecture 
  • The student journey mapping
  • An application portfolio 
  • A target operating model to support digital transformation and enterprise architecture initiatives.

Systems for all your needs


Many institutions struggle with their student information system (SIS). All educational institutions share a common goal: providing a rewarding student experience. However, these systems are often supporting back-office processes that require a high degree of customization or are relying on multiple customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, which can be a roadblock to progress. You can also integrate to your ecosystem a financial information system (ERP) tailored to your institution.


Our higher education IT consultants will help you rethink how to manage core applications, leverage cloud solutions, and improve interoperability. 

Optimize your higher education institution's digital strategy

CRM implementation services

CRM is now an IT foundation in higher education. We strongly believe in standardizing and integrating more data, and CRMs are the only platforms that can support the complete lifecycle of students, from prospects to alumni. We have experts across all fields who are able to implement these solutions for you. 


CRMs can also manage constituents, creating visibility on the roles and responsibilities that an individual is playing within the institution. We have accelerators to develop customer journeys and personas. 


Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation Services

Our dedicated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) teams are supported by business analysts that understand the specific needs and challenges of higher education. 


We understand your finances, and we can optimize your budget processes, research funds, and cost allocations for future projects. Our industry experience enables us to handle HR specificities to better manage faculty members, teaching and research assistants, teaching contracts, sabbaticals, and more. 


Architecture domain & strategy

We work with you to define evolution strategies for specific groups based on current state and business requirements. Our approach is tailored to the group and institution to fully leverage data and enterprise capabilities. A successful digital transformation entails breaking free of the traditional silo approach. 


This applies specifically to registrar, continuing education, research, advancement, specialized schools like medicine or business schools, and other domains. 


Data & analytics

Alithya’s higher education IT team embraces a data-driven approach. Our Higher Education Capability Maps include data entities and KPIs for all capabilities. 


We can assist your institution in defining Business Intelligence and analytic strategies that consider Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our experienced data scientists have extensive institutional experience and can develop predictive models for students, alumni, donors, and much more. 


IT strategy & operating model

The emergence of new cloud offerings and implementations will have a huge impact on IT management. IT organizations are now shifting from a Design-Develop-Run approach to an Advice-Adopt-Adapt-Act approach. 

Institutions are migrating to the cloud, and this shift requires new practices to be put in place. Going forward, IT operations need to be more focused on data than technology. 


Governance – data, informational technology, customer relation management Agile, project portfolio management

Your new IT operating model requires a new governance approach. IT governance can involve establishing priorities with a project portfolio management approach, and ensuring solutions are managed in ecosystems that involve all stakeholders. 


Data quality and data privacy are two key activities in the digital world, and our experienced advisors have successfully designed and operationalized data governance and data management practices. 


Alithya forms trusted partnerships to optimize our IT services for higher education

In addition to the above IT strategies and solutions, we have built a number of relationships with leading industry partners in order to provide our higher education clients with the best support possible. 

Microsoft service offerings

As a Microsoft Solutions partner with over 50 Microsoft certifications, our team of experts has what it takes to optimize your infrastructure. 


We leverage our Microsoft expertise to create the tools that you need to succeed, and that can easily sync with your IT environment. From the classroom to the board room, let Alithya help your institution succeed. 


Oracle service offerings

Our experience in Higher Education means that we have the necessary skills to build out the tools you need with Oracle. Our IT experts can work with your existing IT infrastructure to create fully customized solutions to meet the needs of your institution. From applicants to alumni, we can manage the unique challenges that your institution faces. 



We have selected OneWorldSIS as our preferred Student Information Service solution for small institutions. OneWorldSIS has the capacity to efficiently manage academic programs, student records, and student accounts. 


OneWorldSIS is designed to provide support throughout all stages of the student lifecycle, including recruitment, applicants, student achievement, alumni engagement, and more.