Unlock a world of insight with our big data consulting services

In a world where technology evolves at lightning speed, data reigns as the king of the digital realm. As the beating heart of your organization, your data holds the key to unlocking the path to success in today's fast-paced digital world. The sheer volume, high velocity and complexity of big data can make it difficult to extract meaningful insights. Understanding and managing this data could mean the difference between staying ahead of the competition - or falling permanently behind. 


That’s where we come in: At Alithya, our data & analytics services help you improve decision-making and drive performance. Fast and easy access to reliable, actionable data is critical to your business success. We help you manage, analyze, and interpret your data to improve decision-making and drive performance. 


We understand that this is no small feat. Every stage of data management - definition, collection, storage, analysis, interpretation and governance - requires precise rules, rigorous processes and specialized tools, all with defined responsibilities and scope. 


Unlock a world of insight into your data with our proven data analysis transformation and discovery services that are aligned with your business goals. 

Get help with:

Data Strategy

Build the right foundation for your data initiatives. We analyze your current data architecture, help you define future needs, and build a roadmap to meet your business objectives.



Design the architecture that best fits your organizational needs. We partner with industry-leading providers to offer secure on-premises, cloud, or hybrid hosting.



Implement and configure the right hybrid or cloud-based infrastructure for your data. Our solutions include distribution selection, cluster setup, data lakes and security configuration.


Data Acquisition & Processing

Alithya’s solutions help you ingest, test, and validate large volumes of data through batch/stream processing and data load testing services.



Drive down costs, uncover new opportunities and identify key challenges with real-time analytics built using big data technologies. We help you select and implement tools that can make data actionable at every level of your organization.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI)

Leverage the power of ML/AI to extract insights and make data-driven decisions that can transform your business. Our experts can help you identify and develop use cases for ML/AI, select appropriate algorithms, and build models that can help automate processes and provide predictive insights. We also offer support for the deployment and management of ML/AI models to ensure maximum impact on your organization. 


Stay ahead of the competition with improved data management

It might be difficult for certain businesses to combine data for a 360-degree perspective of their operations due to their disparate systems. Our industry-specific data & analytics services are designed based on our experience working with hundreds of clients worldwide, helping them unlock the power of their data to drive better business outcomes. 

Finance management visibility

Big Data

Our financial analytics solutions help businesses make sense of their data to effectively plan, understand, and predict financial and operational performance. We help banking and financial services organizations leverage best practices around big data to offer their clients better services like increased security and explore new streams of revenue by personalizing services and offers to their clients.

Population health


With our big data discovery service, healthcare practices can proactively identify populations of interest to ensure they’re achieving proper quality of care standards. We start with an agile, unstructured search and multi-dimensional navigation through disparate data sources, which drives more informed decisions based on a filtered group of patients, providers, and practices. 
With our services, you can improve your organization's ability to identify and address population health issues, reduce costs, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes. 

Supply chain performance optimization


Data discovery offers manufacturers a unique opportunity to produce a 360-degree view of their supply chain. Our big data services can provide greater visibility into inventory, suppliers, costing and purchasing. Leverage our analysis tool to improve commodity management, rationalize suppliers and drive strategic purchasing initiatives across disparate systems. 
Our data-driven insights can help you make better decisions, improve performance, and reduce costs throughout your supply chain. 

Sales productivity & effectiveness


Target your most valuable, high-potential customers with a 360-degree profile using all available data sources with our B2B and B2C services. Retail companies that combine purchase history, demographic data and marketing results can better measure the success of their campaigns, identify areas for growth with existing customers, and uncover new opportunities. 
With our services, you can increase your sales productivity and effectiveness – and your bottom line. 

Insurance compliance


Insurance fraud costs the industry several billion dollars per year. Our fraud detection and prevention services uncover patterns that help insurers proactively flag suspicious practices, dismantling fraudulent schemes before they ever take hold. Additionally, we offer reinsurance solutions to help insurers quickly and effectively identify the claims among millions that qualify for reinsurance, maximizing savings and reducing time spent on non-value-added work, freeing up resources to focus on other critical areas of the business. With our comprehensive suite of insurance compliance services, you can ensure that your organization stays ahead of the curve and protected from potential risks. 

Customer insights


Our big data services for customer insights help businesses understand what drives behavior so they can better understand how to create, market, and sell products that attract customers.  Our expert team helps you process diverse datasets to uncover actionable insights, including market trends, conditions, product mix, customer demographics, customer experiences, customer history and product experiences. With this information, you can better understand what drives customer behavior and create more effective marketing and sales strategies. Stay ahead of the competition with our customer insights services. 

Cloud infrastructure - big data’s ideal partner

Big data produces high volumes fast. But the cloud can handle it. Its flexible scalable nature makes it easier to handle the large workloads of big data by providing easy, cost-effective data storage that is accessible on demand. With this pay-as-you-go model, you can start small without the need for a large upfront investment and scale up as needed, only paying for the resources you use.