Microsoft Azure and Power BI consulting services can help you make the most of your data

The best organizational decisions are data driven. But in order to use and fully harness the power of your data, you need the right business intelligence and analytics platform. Enter: Microsoft Azure. 

At Alithya, our experienced experts can help your organization leverage Microsoft Azure, Synapse Analytics, and Microsoft Power BI to:



  • Make more informed decisions: When properly implemented, Azure can equip your company with the ability to analyze large amounts of data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. This results in improved business outcomes, which are achieved by being more proactive and less reactive. 


  • Improve efficiency: Using these platforms, we can help you streamline your operations by identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your processes. 


  • Enhance security and data governance: Azure has enhanced security and privacy features, which help organizations comply with regulatory requirements and maintain data governance. 


  • Manage data: This modern data platform provides data lakes and/or data warehouses for storing, managing and processing data, which helps eliminate data silos, reduce data duplication, and improve data accuracy. 


  • Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing: Azure helps you leverage the collective knowledge and expertise of your employees so that your teams can work more efficiently and in sync by using shared files for collaboration and holistic communication tools. 


We help you devise and implement a sound strategy to make the most of your modern cloud solutions for BI and analytics. Our Microsoft experts have over 25 years of end-to-end implementation experience that they leverage for your unique needs. Working closely with your leadership and teams, we help you implement Microsoft Azure and/or Power BI to collect data from all sources, including spreadsheets, cloud-based or on-premises data warehouses or cubes, IoT data from equipment or devices, and more.  


With Power BI, you can access and view your data via easy-to-use dashboards, including reports and advanced views, to get a full picture of your customers and operations.  


With these technologies and the right implementation process, you can incorporate analytics throughout your entire business to find and explore trends, relationships, and anomalies for more strategic decisions. 

See your data and operate more efficiently with Alithya’s Azure and Power BI services

We have developed a comprehensive range of accelerators and services to help you get the most out of Microsoft Azure and Power BI. 

Alithya 365 Analytics Accelerator


Recognize, transform, and deliver data in a consistent, secure and integrated way across all of your systems so that you feel empowered about sound decisions.


Alithya 365 Analytics Accelerator speeds delivery of vital information to decision-makers. Our service prepares and structures backend data to simplify reporting, so that you can take data from your legacy or existing ERP or other source to create insightful reports without overwhelming your system – or your team.

Alithya 365 AnalyticsXpress


Get up and going quickly with fully functioning analytics reports using Microsoft Power BI or other tools. Present one version of the truth for better decision-making by bringing together multiple sources of data or transforming your legacy data warehouse with Alithya 365 AnalyticsXpress.

Alithya IoT Services


Improve business operations by taking full advantage of Industry 4.0 practices with our Internet of Things (IoT) services and turn data into smart, concrete business actions.

Alithya Machine Learning Saas Offerings

  • AI-Fi Trade Surveillance

Manage complex surveillance and compliance challenges with greater ease. With AI-FI Trade Surveillance, you can reduce false positives by up to 95% and spend more time on what’s important to your business and clients. 


  • AI-Fi Material Demand Forecasting

Alithya’s AI-FI™ Material Demand Forecasting solution applies machine learning (ML) methods to more accurately predict future material demand at the SKU level, and its templated solution approach reduces the time required to inform and optimize the manufacturing, procurement, and shipment of product’s impacted by common inefficiencies. 

Our approach

At Alithya, we understand that a solid BI and data strategy that is aligned with your organization’s goals is the key to a successful transformation. Our proven approach helps you get the most out of your data.

BI Strategic Alignment

We start with a business and data assessment, and then identify BI solutions to fill any gaps. We develop a program roadmap to help keep you on the right path. 

Data Strategy Alignment

We Transform data from disparate sources, including legacy systems, into meaningful information. This stage includes the development of a Data Warehouse, the right data architecture, ETL development, and testing and QA. 

Data Visualization

We help you show and tell the right story with your data. This step includes data visualization planning, tool implementation, and dashboard development.

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