Healthcare IT consulting services that drive transparency and agility

The healthcare industry faces challenges and pressure unlike any other sector. We help you meet these challenges head on with services that increase transparency and agility.

Our experienced teams have worked with a wide swath of healthcare payors and providers to:

  • Modernize and maintain systems and applications for optimal care 
  • Deploy the right resources at the right time 
  • Minimize risk 
  • Overcome fiscal challenges 
  • Promote collaboration 
  • Ensure secure, confidential, and efficient data hosting and sharing between patients, pharmacists, and insurance companies 

Take on your most pressing challenges with our healthcare IT services

Improve decision making and efficiency by moving away from siloes and unifying financial, operational, and business operations with connected planning. 


We offer a comprehensive range of consulting and implementation services and solutions to help you focus on what’s most important: providing the best care possible. 

We can help you with:

Improve outcomes with healthcare cloud solutions and a strategy that’s tailored to your needs. Unified, secure cloud solutions are the key to patient-centered, value-based care. We empower healthcare payors and providers by implementing complete industry solutions and unified ERP, finance, HCM, supply chain, and EPM cloud applications. We offer a healthcare planning accelerator to help you fully integrate the different levels of planning complexity and capabilities with minimal configuration.  

Increase data visibility to better manage revenues, control costs, and deploy the right resources with our data and analytics services. Healthcare payors and providers need actionable and accurate data to ensure compliance and continually improve quality of care. We can provide your team the tools you need to implement a business intelligence strategy that improves performance organization -wide. Our service offering includes cost of care and labor productivity services to augment revenue visibility and productivity metrics for improved care: 


  • Cost of care analytics combines your clinical, billing, and financial data to spotlight your organization’s revenues, costs, and profits. Gain insights into your organization that might go unnoticed with traditional reporting. 
  • Healthcare labor productivity helps improve employee satisfaction, quality outcomes, and productivity metrics as well as achieve the optimal skill mix for a department based on units of service. Leverage user-friendly, flexible analytics and reporting of timely information to meet federal regulation requirements for healthcare organizations. 
  • Take advantage of our healthcare labor productivity assessment workshop to develop a clear approach to transform your current labor productivity process.  

Improve connection and collaboration with our app development and modernization services. We deliver reliable and efficient applications that meet the strictest industry standards of data security. Our healthcare solutions improve physician relationship management, patient outreach, marketing analytics, facilities management, and more. 

Reduce risk and costs with cloud to cloud or cloud to on-premises applications. We use a proprietary tool that allows us to replicate integrations that have previously been built, resulting in better outcomes for you.

Maximize the value of your technology investment with a true digital transformation partner. We offer client-specific, flexible support models to assist your organization through the early phase of system deployment and beyond.

Make your digital transformation a success by generating employee enthusiasm and buy-in. Choosing the right technology is just the beginning. We offer comprehensive digital skilling and change enablement services tailored to all learning styles and organizational cultures.

Entrust the development or modernization of your systems to our experts. We have a proven track record of delivering reliable, efficient applications that meet the strictest standard of data security.

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