Helping you deliver quality care and offer efficient systems and applications
Maintain and improve quality care as well as systems and applications while overcoming business challenges

The healthcare industry faces challenges and pressure unlike any other sector of the economy; Alithya’s solutions drive transparency and agility with tools that help healthcare organizations meet every new challenge head on.

Deploy the Right Resources

Control costs and properly deploy resources while continuing to provide patients with increased quality of care.

Minimize Risk

Evaluate and implement new processes with agile technologies that allow you to adapt to local healthcare needs and conditions while minimizing risks associated with new product and service deployments.

Overcome Fiscal Challenges

The healthcare industry is under tremendous pressure due to strict regulations and mandates that affect both providers and payers. Leverage the right technology to be more diligent and proactive at managing revenues and costs with our detailed reporting and analysis tools.

Enable Collaboration

Ensure your teams are on the same page. Align your operations, planning, execution and analytics across all your channels to drive a better patient experience.

Ensure the secure, confidential and efficient data hosting and transmission between patients, pharmacists and insurance companies

Whether for the treatment of prescriptions by pharmacists, the management of the operations of a pharmacy or the processing of claims by insurance companies, Alithya has a thorough knowledge of the workings of the field.

Solving Manufacturers’ Biggest Challenges

Life science, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing

Manufacturers in the life science, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries use Alithya solutions to better control and maximize assets, minimize operating costs and meet regulatory requirements.

Our solutions also help manufacturers manage cost pressures, generic competition, shelf-life constraints and strict regulatory and GMP requirements around manufacturing and product approvals based on potency, and more.

Healthcare Solutions
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Data and Analytics Application Services for the health care sector Healthcare Labor Productivity Assessment Workshop Capital Portfolio Planning (CPP)

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

We start with assessments and roadmaps to set you up for success. With the right planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting tool, you’ll build the right foundation for long-term growth planning. 

Financial Transformation

Break down silos. Generate accurate, consistent and realistic results with our solutions for account reconciliations, tax provisioning and workflows related to the close process. At the same time, improve transparency and compliance.

Secure Data

Recognize, transform and deliver data in an integrated and secure way for better data governance and integration across your organization.

Cost Control

Gain greater visibility into costs across your organization to improve decision-making and planning to control costs while maintaining quality of care for your patients.

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Data and Analytics

Decision-makers at healthcare organizations need actionable and accurate data to ensure compliance and continually improve quality of care. Alithya’s data and analytics solutions drive visibility that equips healthcare organizations to better manage revenues, control costs and properly deploy resources.

One Version of the Truth

Standardize your reporting across departments and facilities to make better decisions around costs, health outcomes and patient satisfaction. Alithya’s solutions provide your team the tools you need to implement a Business Intelligence strategy that will drive performance improvement across your organization.

Opportunities to Improve Care

Identify populations of interest with agility and ensure proper Quality of Care thresholds are being met with our Healthcare Analytics Big Data solutions.

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Application Services for the health care sector

Physicians, pharmacists, group health benefits, health authorities and hospitals, pharmaceuticals and all parties involved in the health sector all work together to serve patients to ensure their health. It forms an intricate network of organizations that collaborate together and which interconnections are crucial to ensure the efficiency of the system.

Entrust the development or modernization of your systems to knowledgeable experts. With its involvement with many projects in this area, Alithya is able to deliver or contribute to the delivery of reliable and efficient applications, ensuring data security - critical in this area - while providing fast processing.

That it be for an electronic health benefits claim system, a back-office account management system, a drug adjudication engine or a pharmacy management solution, Alithya can bring you the right expertise.

Healthcare Labor Productivity Assessment Workshop

Develop a clear approach to transform your current-state labor productivity process. Our experts will come on site to share current trends and how other leading healthcare organizations are delivering value and gaining visibility with labor productivity solutions. Then we’ll provide a written recommendation for your organization that includes a high-level implementation roadmap with cost estimates that support our findings.

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Capital Portfolio Planning (CPP)

Alithya’s Capital Portfolio Planning for Capital Intensive Heathcare Providers helps healthcare providers:

  • Streamline the prioritization and execution of high-dollar, multi-year capital program portfolios.
  • Eliminate paper-based request process, and replace it with a single automated process that streamlines request, prioritization, funding, approval and ongoing execution of capital initiatives.
  • Provides department owners analytics tools to continually evaluate their capital-request backlog, facilitating simplified approval during the planning season.
  • Provides Purchasing, IT and Facilities visibility into potential initiatives during the request and prioritization cycle.
  • Reduces operational risk by informing procure-to-pay processes of approved budgets to prevent overspend on in-flight initiatives.
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