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Technology Solutions for Manufacturers’ Biggest Challenges
Meeting manufacturers’ greatest compliance, production and sales challenges

Manufacturers of all types face fluctuating demand, resource and capacity constraints, strict regulations and raw material volatility. Trust Microsoft Dynamics 365, coupled with our own solutions and services, to empower employees from the factory floor to outbound sales and service.

Are you interested in discovering the manufacturing industry’s most pressing issues, top challenges, and initiatives for growth? Participate in our quick survey to have your voice heard and learn where your peers in the market are heading so that you can better plan and forecast for the next year.

Food & Beverage

Plan for demand, optimize processes, and come through on delivery commitments, all while meeting strict quality and compliance standards. Get a rapid return with our unique deployment template designed for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Learn more 


Any delay is costly. With our products and services, you can manage production requirements, including co-products and by-products, and stay compliant. Get a rapid return with our unique deployment template. Learn more

Life Science/Pharmaceutical/Medical Device

Face shelf-life constraints, cost pressures, generic and over-the-counter competition and strict regulatory requirements head-on, while identifying and capitalizing on new sales opportunities. Learn more


Conquer the challenges associated with fluctuating demand, volatile raw materials, pricing pressures and low-cost competition. Get a rapid return with our unique deployment template for discrete manufacturing. Learn more


Drive productivity growth with innovative insight and industry-relevant analysis from our analytics solutions for CPG manufacturers. Forecast, calculate, track and evaluate operating expenses and gross margins.

Industry 4.0: ready for a paradigm shift?

The 4th wave of the industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 is the latest wave of the industrial revolution. It’s the shift that enhances the current use of computers and automation with smart, autonomous systems fuelled by data and machine learning. This combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems is what makes this revolution possible.

Manufacturing Solutions
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Sales Solutions for Manufacturing Business Intelligence Applications Services

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Transform your business with an ERP solution that lets you scale while streamlining operations and meeting customers’ needs. Alithya’s ERP solutions help manufacturers operate more efficiently; stay compliant with ever-changing quality, safety and compliance requirements; respond quickly to market conditions; transform financial processes; better manage inventory; gain real-time insights for better decision making; and scale across divisions for improved communication and collaboration.

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Sales Solutions for Manufacturing

Gain better visibility into the sales cycle and improve productivity and collaboration across your organization with CRM. Alithya will help you identify business outcomes, create plans and deploy the right sales solution for your business.

Alithya’s sales solutions help manufacturers build customer relationships that deliver. Alithya will work with you to implement technology that automates and supports sales processes to maximize sales productivity. With the right solution, your team will be more proactive as they maintain and enhance relationships at every step of the sales cycle and beyond. Work with our experts to develop the right processes to provide the right support to your customers across channels, as well as improve customer service at every touch point.

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Business Intelligence

View your data in a new light with industry-leading business intelligence tools, and drive better decision-making across divisions and geographic boundaries. Alithya’s BI products and services help manufacturers recognize, transform and deliver data in a consistent, secure and integrated way. We help manufacturers get the most out of their data, with greater visibility and more reliable forecasts so that you can identify and anticipate purchasing and other trends to understand what’s truly driving your business.

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Applications Services

Uncover new business, increase customer satisfaction, instill loyalty and make it easier to do business with you with Alithya’s full suite of digital solutions, including websites, portals, ecommerce platforms and apps. 

Our experts provide full-service digital strategy, design and implementation solutions to make these tools work for your business, empowering users and driving collaboration from one end of the supply chain to the other.

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We partnered up with Alithya to help with our significant business transformation project because they have deep industry knowledge, coupled with industry-specific tools like ChemXpress, which will help our subsidiaries have consistent deployments focused on industry best practices.