Manufacturing ERP software and IT solutions to meet your challenges

Manufacturers face fluctuating demand, resource and capacity constraints, and raw material volatility, all while operating within strict compliance and regulations requirements. At Alithya, we have over 30 years of experience helping manufacturers across all verticals implement operational solutions to tackle their most pressing challenges. 

We can help you with:

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Transform your business with an ERP solution that lets you scale while streamlining operations and meeting customers’ needs. Alithya helps manufacturers: operate more efficiently; stay compliant with ever-changing quality and safety requirements; respond quickly to market conditions; transform financial processes; better manage inventory; gain real-time insights for better decision making; and scale across divisions for improved communication and collaboration. 


Enterprise performance management (EPM)

Get the right tools to analyze, understand and report on your manufacturing operations. As long-standing EPM experts, we can help you implement the right solutions and services to plan, budget, forecast and report on performance as well as consolidate and finalize your results. Our services can help you and your teams with everything from labor productivity, costing, strategic modelling, and capital portfolio planning to financial close/consolidation, account reconciliation, chart of accounts management, and more. 


Customer relationship management (CRM)

Gain better visibility into sales cycles, manage field service teams and boost customer service efforts. As a leading CRM partner, we can help you identify business outcomes, create strategic plans, and deploy the right sales, services and customer support solutions for your business.


Human capital management (HCM)

Blend traditional administrative HR functions - recruiting, training, payroll, compensation, and performance management - with opportunities to drive productivity, engagement, and overall business value, all while upholding regulatory compliance, data privacy and security. We have a deep understanding of manufacturing challenges and can help you define your HR goals and keep you ahead of the competition. 


Scale your operation with the right manufacturing IT solutions


At Alithya, we offer a full range of business applications to optimize your operational and financial processes. 

Other services and solutions

We provide IT services and solutions that help manufacturers transform their operations and streamline financial processes to stay competitive. Our digital expertise includes business intelligence tools and reporting, analytics, custom digital applications, demand forecasting, portals and ecommerce. With over 30 years of experience with manufacturers of all types, we have developed many rapid implementation tools and services to help you launch projects quickly and seamlessly. 

We've grown a lot and plan to grow more. As our partner, Alithya understood the technology, and they took the time to understand our business. The team told us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear, which was a great contributor to the success of our ongoing global implementation. 


Bill Backus

Chief Accounting Officer, Balchem

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