Human Capital Management consulting and solutions that drive productivity and engagement

Invest in Human Capital Management (HCM) to transform traditional administrative human resources functions - recruiting, training, payroll, compensation, and performance management - into opportunities to drive productivity, engagement and overall business value.


By treating your workforce as a core business asset with HCM, you can maximize its value through strategic investment and management. 


Alithya’s diverse HCM team is made up of former industry users-turned-consultants. We help our clients streamline and organize data, integrate systems and solutions, and measure the impact and function of their HR teams. 

Human Capital Management can help your organization: 

Attract and retain talent 

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Find and hire people faster by quickly sourcing and recruiting the right candidates. HCM also helps you motivate employees and deliver a superior employee experience with solutions that help balance work-life priorities. Once on your new employees are onboarded, you can retain and nurture talent with professional learning and growth opportunities. 

Streamline human resources operations


Leverage a single-platform cloud technology to consolidate disparate human resources systems and have a single source for local or global data. Harness the power of an HCM cloud solution to automate processes like recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration, payroll, compensation, performance management and learning – all featuring powerful analytics to make smarter decisions faster. 

Connect planning across human resources and finance 


Our team can seamlessly implement cloud HCM seamlessly with enterprise performance management and supply chain management across your organization. By keeping human resources goals fully aligned with your finance and operational goals, and using a common cloud platform, your human resources, finance, and operations teams can quickly and confidently collaborate and plan. Get on the same page to ensure optimal employee safety and training, control costs, and boost productivity. 

Meet and surpass your goals 


As a single enterprise solution, HCM integrates seamlessly across your enterprise with finance, supply chain management customer experience and, enterprise performance management. By keeping human resources aligned with your enterprise and business goals, you’ll increase the likelihood of achieving and exceeding these goals. 

Be Agile to organizational changes 


Human Capital Management helps you align your people strategy with your business strategy as changes occur. From anticipating workforce attrition to shifting your workforce in response to organizational changes, HCM provides the technology power you need to face ever-evolving human resources conditions.

Improve the employee experience with our Human Capital Management solutions and services

The Alithya team has over 20 years of experience delivering HCM solutions. We help our clients transform their businesses to improve employee engagement, connect human resources with finance, standardize processes and provide complete views of the organization for enhanced decision-making capabilities.  

We work with you to develop a plan rooted in your strategy and backed by our deep industry expertise, all while maintaining the flexibility you need in this fast-changing market. 

The Alithya difference

Dedicated HCM practice

From Fortune 500 companies to privately held organizations, our years of experience enables our clients to optimize Human Capital Management activities. We have a dedicated HCM practice with team members from the human resources world. You can rest assured that we understand your challenges because we’ve been in your shoes. After going live, we offer HCM Advisory Services to set you up for long-term success. 


Connected planning

With a connected planning approach, these teams can work in sync to model financial and operational outcomes and share both detailed and aggregate information for complete visibility. Corporate finance can maintain a bird’s eye view across the enterprise, while business finance teams can drill into product lines or regions. Operations teams can use the same solution to view and plan labour, materials, inventory levels and more – all in one system. 


Industry Knowledge

Whether we’re integrating a new solution, or helping you maximize an existing one, we make the process as smooth as possible.

Using Agile project management methods, we train your leaders to manage transitions that achieve buy-in and drive long-term employee engagement.


Trusted Advisors

Technology should support your vision, not lead it. We start by understanding your complex business challenges and then develop the right solution to meet your short- and long-term goals. But we don’t just implement and walk away. We lay the foundation to help you get to your next destination, ensuring real results long after implementation. 


Oracle HCM solutions

Invest in HCM to transform HR functions like recruiting, training, payroll, compensation, and performance management into opportunities to drive productivity, engagement and overall business value. 

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