Leverage the power of AI to take your business to the next level

AI is no longer a technology of the future. It’s here now, and it’s transforming entire industries. Is your organization ready to survive and thrive in this new business reality?


At Alithya, we help our clients build a custom, strategic AI adoption and implementation plan to stay ahead of the competition and surpass your business objectives. 


Our AI services for data and analytics can help you understand how to use AI-powered technology to improve business performance. We combine deep knowledge of your organization’s specific business problems with our technical expertise and industry-leading solutions for actionable business insights. 

The Alithya approach

We’re technology experts who never lose sight of the human aspect. We know that the key to a successful digital transformation starts with a true partnership between our team and yours. We start by getting a full understanding of your requirements and needs, before developing a tailor-made AI strategy. To promote trust and transparency, our experts take the time to walk you through the AI models and methods, explain their expected impact and any potential biases. The result is an automated AI environment that meets your business objectives and maximizes ROI. 

We offer:

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  • Strategic alignment 
    Make sure your AI roadmap is aligned with the organization's overall mission and business objectives. We help you start with the right foundation by conducting a thorough suitability assessment and use case identification, roadmap development, and a comprehensive data strategy. 
  • Proof of concept 
    We validate the feasibility of your AI initiative with a proof of concept. Our framework, including Big Data Lab Infrastructure and clear success criteria, will help ensure you’re on the right path.  
  • AI implementation 
    We create a plan that outlines the steps needed to successfully implement the AI system. The strategy includes an analysis of the current landscape, development, training, deployment of AI solutions, which includes optimization algorithms, data processing, feature engineering, machine learning and deep learning processes. We help you move quickly from implementation to results. 

Our Expertise in AI Has Been Recognized

Companies can’t depend on manual processes to compete today. Subjective analysis and high volumes of transactions will leave companies falling farther and farther behind in an era of machine learning. Our team of data scientists are continually working to deliver significant efficiencies through machine learning solutions, based on algorithms that can adapt and learn from the feedback of users. The benefits will be far-reaching. Make sure your organization is ready now! 

Our AI-FI solutions

AI-FI Trade Surveillance

AI-FI Trade Surveillance is an automated trade surveillance system that covers cross-asset surveillance, as well as trading in equities, fixed income, OTC derivatives, and foreign exchange. 
With our solution, trading compliance officers can mine and filter through alerts and efficiently run complex queries for ad hoc or standard reporting. This frees up your experts to focus on critical regulatory concerns, improving operational efficiency.  

AI-FI Suitability Assessment

Unsure whether machine learning is right for your business? Start with an AI-FI Suitability Assessment. If the answer is yes, we’ll also explain the next steps to take advantage of this technology. 

AI-FI Enablement

Achieve real results with our AI-FI Enablement solution. We create an AI pipeline that maximizes ROI and establishes an automated AI environment that aligns with your business objectives. 

AI-FI Ultrasonics

Automatically detect wear-induced flaws in piping with 100% accuracy. Adaptable and easily scalable for any pipe inspection application, AI-FI Ultrasonics provides rapid detailed analysis that reduces overall inspection cycle time and boosts operational efficiency.

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