Mobile and web app development services

What makes our application development experts stand out? They know how to listen – really listen. Our experienced, informed specialists will help your company deliver cutting-edge apps, while optimizing costs and time. 


We help our clients design, digitize, and launch their apps


As technology and consumer demands evolve, so do your company’s needs. Translating our clients’ business needs into technological requirements is one of the most important steps in app development. In this fast-paced digital age, it’s more important than ever for your business to be able to keep up with these changes and continue delivering value to your clients. But you don’t have to do it alone! 


We offer concrete, effective, and accessible solutions that are aligned with our clients’ vision. Alithya’s experienced mobile and web app developers are dedicated to staying on top of all the latest tech trends and skills. We leverage our comprehensive understanding of the industry and our outside perspective to bring a fresh set of eyes to your app development projects. We also carefully select these specialists for each project, ensuring they’re a perfect match for your goals. 


Increase your business' efficiency with user-friendly technologies 


At Alithya, we understand the critical importance of efficiency. Your business needs to save precious time and money, without sacrificing product quality.  


To ensure optimal performance, we harness the latest and most innovative technologies and relies on proven work and development methods. We offer a complete range of services designed to support our clients with the strategy, design, development, and integration of the customer experience to optimize their IT resources. 


You will have access to a trained, experienced team ready to go.

In addition, we are also well-versed in Agile practice.


More and more companies want to carry out their projects in Agile mode in order to speed up their transformation. At Alithya, we have exhaustive experience using Agile principles to develop apps.  

We believe in the power of DevOps

First and foremost, the DevOps approach saves you time. This methodology optimizes processes and systems by combining the development and operations team in project mode, which maximizes speed, function, and innovation. By dividing a project into multiple, frequently delivered segments, DevOps allows for continuous testing, streamlined management, and faster problem solving.  


With DevOps, developers work in sequences. This allows our development team to make adjustments and updates, while also improving the quality of the code. DevOps-based communication also simplifies the validation processing, guaranteeing quicker delivery times. 


In short, we are dedicated to adopting the best practices to help your company develop and deliver the best apps, more efficiently.  

How we work

For some, a project ends after delivery. At Alithya, it’s just the beginning. When we deliver a project, we use a continuous and iterative approach, testing and revising each iteration as needed. 

Our 3-step process:

  1. Evaluate the existing system   
    We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing processes and systems. 

  2. Determine what can be automated   
    Quality control is our priority. We perform extensive tests in order to optimize quality. We also identify weaknesses and which processes can be automated. 

  3. Optimize and monitor   
    Once a process has been implemented, it must be monitored carefully and continuously optimized so that it still aligns with your company’s needs. We also enhance quality control by closely examining the tests that can’t be automated.