Maximize ROI and user acceptance while alleviating the high-touch support burden for your IT team

Your enterprise application system is live, but are ongoing maintenance efforts consuming valuable time and resources, creating pressure and inefficiencies? Alithya’s managed IT services team ensures improved efficiency and focus, leading to financial and business benefits and enabling your employees to focus on what matters for success. Alithya is a managed services provider with decades of experience partnering with a diverse client base that spans industries, technologies, and geographies.

With a managed services partnership for post-go-live success, we’ll worry about your system support while you focus on mission-critical tasks and business initiatives. Alithya managed services can enhance coverage and mitigate risk by eliminating dependency on your internal resources, especially during attrition, holidays, and vacations, flex up and down based on your business needs, and protect and evolve your investment through continuous process improvement. 

After go-live, our managed services team ensures long-term success

Detailed organized architecture


We offer comprehensive managed services, including:


  • Enterprise application support
  • Helpdesk services
  • Cloud managed services 

Business benefits of managed IT services

In today’s business environment, managed IT services are important because it they help to streamline businesses, improve cybersecurity posture, and reduce costs. By helping clients more effectively use their systems, managed IT services drive a competitive advantage.

With managed IT services, businesses can reduce upfront costs by having more predictable monthly, quarterly, or annual IT budgets, reduce expenses associated with full-time employees, gain inexpensive access to the latest innovations, and streamline cloud expenditures.

Managed cybersecurity services can enhance your organization's security posture by providing fully managed, 360° solutions that identify vulnerabilities, prioritize patching efforts, and detect, investigate, and respond to incidents. Additional employee security training reduces threat exposure and helps swiftly recover your environment in case of a breach.

A managed IT service provider can lead to improved service quality by driving operational efficiency, reassurance and confidence, and data security. A managed IT service provider is a strategic partner in optimizing IT cost and efficiency, with a 24/7 service guarantee.

Outsourcing IT tasks to a managed services provider can increase efficiency and productivity for your organization. This frees up internal staff to focus on revenue-generating tasks and provides guidance to optimize infrastructure performance. By not having to invest time in locating, employing, or training IT personnel, your team adds productivity to their day. 

Elevate your business with our application managed services

Post go-live on Oracle or Microsoft applications, our dedicated managed services team helps you protect and evolve your investment, allowing your team to focus on mission-critical tasks and business initiatives without having to worry about system support. Services are tailored to your specific needs, and from day one, you have a named support team and service delivery manager. 

Enterprise application support and services

Managed service team discussing system reports


Our managed services team focuses on high touch consulting support, user adoption and long-term self-sustainability, providing:


  • Support  
  • Training  
  • Testing  
  • Enhancements  
  • Administration
  • Reporting
  • Footprint Expansions  

Managed level 1 helpdesk services

An increase in remote and hybrid work environments has made IT support more challenging in recent years. Supporting a remote or hybrid working program requires major changes not just to your IT infrastructure but also to how you provide IT support to employees. 70% of tech leaders cite their biggest challenge since 2020 is a 50% increase in support requests. If your IT team has 100 IT interruptions annually, and each interruption lasts 28 minutes on average, that’s 40 hours of lost productivity per employee.  

Alithya can help take the burden off your IT team with our smart shore team. If you want a 100% North American team, we can provide you with that, or if you’re seeking to reduce costs with an offshore team, we can provide that too, or a mixture of both. Alithya provides preeminent support that includes service level commitments tied to response times and a helpdesk system that is fully integrated with email and mobile apps. You can share knowledge easily with a collaboration platform and knowledge repository. Identify trends, pain points, and root cause areas with powerful reporting capabilities that provide weekly updates and monthly scorecards quickly and easily. 

Improved metrics

Alithya improves help desk performance metrics through increased scalability, supporting your IT team that may not be able to keep up with an increasing amount of support requests.


Best practices

Alithya delivers help desk best practices and frees up your internal staff to focus on important tasks and tickets. Your IT team can then manage the highly technical day-to-day tasks that keep your organization running instead of being stretched thin from high volume requests.


Seamless integration

Your employees do not want to call a help desk thousands of miles away that knows nothing about their organization’s day-to-day tasks, processes, culture, and values. Alithya integrates with an organization’s processes, internal staff, culture, branding, and values.


Customer experience

Alithya provides a consistent, high-quality customer experience and timely 24/7 service delivery that meets or exceeds industry standard SLA’s. This alleviates employee frustration and lost productivity and improves morale.


As the company grew and adapted to a hybrid model, we recognized we had to transform how we supported our employees. Partnering with Alithya provided us with the scalability we needed as a company.


Rob Petrone

VP, Information Technology – TRC Companies, Inc.

Cloud managed services

Ensure that your applications remain secure with infrastructure and application support using Alithya cloud managed services. Our ecosystem of cloud providers includes Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Oracle Cloud. With security and compliance in mind, your environment will run in a certified datacenter using data encryption for maximum data security with event monitoring and remote technical support. After you’ve migrated to the cloud, Alithya continues to offer expertise and resources to support your ongoing journey.

Core cloud managed services

  • Disaster recovery included for production environments  
  • Nightly backups for all products  
  • 24-hour recovery point objective  
  • Five-hour recovery time objective  
  • 99.95% uptime  
  • Annual DR exercises   

Experienced managed services provider for all your IT needs

Full-service systems support

Managed support team focused around computer monitor


We can provide full support on any standard or proprietary application that your employees utilize day-to-day, as well as infrastructure support for networks, printers, remote access, telephones, multi-factored authentication, and more.


Additional services include:


  • Quarterly update services (education, impact analysis, testing and support)  
  • Business reviews utilizing a governance model and continuous improvement initiatives
  • Self-sustainment services using Alithya GoTest, our custom tool to automate functional testing of new software and patches to ensure that processes meet your expectations