Alithya GoTest automated testing tool for software solutions

Need an easy and straightforward way to define your testing strategy? Alithya GoTest was developed to address a gap in the market. Most testing platforms don’t perform end-to-end testing, which increases the risk of bugs and slows the process. In contrast, Alithya GoTest is the only platform out there that allows true end-to-end testing without extensive technical knowledge. It executes all kinds of functional tests – web, mobile, API, and more – from the standard to the most specific.  


Move from manual execution to one-click automation, whether it's built-in tests or your custom tests.

How does Alithya GoTest work? 

The simplicity of the tool resides in its powerful keyword-driven testing functionalities. These features make it easier and faster to create test automation scripts, whether you’re a seasoned technical QA or only have basic technical skills.



And if you need any assistance, our experts and multifunctional teams will provide support across different fields, including a full range of digital technology and software engineering consultants.

Automated testing ensures your processes will meet expectations


Simplify your processes and deliver high-quality software by centralizing and automating your tests with Alithya GoTest.


We offer a comprehensive approach to continuous testing. 

What are the features?

Create scripts without resorting to code 


Alithya GoTest automatically compiles documentation as you implement new tests. Our tool guarantees that you can easily trace everything, whether you’re doing automated or manual testing, or both. 

Focus on the commercial benefit for your business. 

Create scripts without knowing how to code


Keyword search is so easy to use that your requests can also create their own test scripts. 

Alithya GoTest uses existing keywords from popular test libraries, making it easy and super fast to create scripts. You can also create your own custom keywords from the ones you already have. 

Plus, Alithya GoTest makes automating a manual test scenario as simple as possible. You can execute a manual or automated test in the same scenario.  


Some of the operations made possible by keywords also for mobile testing (Android, iOS) 

Run your manual, automated, or hybrid tests yourself or using Alithya GoTest's API


Alithya GoTest tests your company’s processes from end to end and ensures that they’re working. 

Our automated testing tool is complementary to any other testing tool. It’s easy to sequentially execute and integrate all of your scripts, regardless of the application’s specific component that you’re testing. 


And not to mention, you can execute manual AND automated tests in the same test case! 

Monitor the entire test process and analyze your results 


With Alithya GoTest, you can do a systematic and repeatable test series starting at the beginning of the development cycle. Check out the dashboard for test results and the status of your applications. 

You have complete control over the quality and operational compliance of your information systems. 



  • All PRO features
  • Unlimited support
  • Limited to 30 executions/month 

Pro – Up to 10 users

  • Create fast automated testing 
  • Easily schedule executions 
  • Keyword driven engine 
  • No installation required (SaaS) 
  • Unlimited support 
  • Data-driven 
  • Third-party integration 
  • Create your own variable & combined keyword 
  • Built-in test plan documentation 
  • Parallel test plan execution 
  • Cross-browser compatibility 
  • Install remote libraries 
  • No limitation

Enterprise 10+ users

  • All features 
  • Premium support 
  • No limitation

Key benefits


Unlimited keyword approach 

Try Alithya GoTest, the only tool you need to automate testing. Connect any API and use popular, integrated—or even your own—keyword libraries. 


Plan and centralize your testing 

If you are responsible for many different quality assurance projects, centralize and automate all your tests in one place with Alithya GoTest! 


View your testing plan as a project 

With Alithya GoTest, verify the quality of your applications or websites. Testing is a team effort. Keep track of your ongoing projects with our monitoring dashboard. 

Seeing is believing!

Schedule a live demo with one of our product experts at your convenience and discover the many applications of Alithya GoTest.