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The Highest Performing Infrastructures
Enhanced experience, reinforced security

For many years, Alithya has been involved in the telecommunications sector. Over time, a broad array of projects have been carried out pertaining to the various facets of telecommunications company activities, including ​cable television broadcasting, interactive multimedia development, Internet access services, telephony and wireless telephony.

Businesses involved in this sector face a huge challenge: keeping up with the rapid evolution of generations of technologies in order to provide customers with the highest performing infrastructures. Additionally, telecommunications companies have major requirements to adhere to in terms of user experiences, reliability, infrastructure security, and customer service.

Those requirements demand speedy execution and flexibility at all times from telecommunications company suppliers. Alithya understands that challenge very well and offers its customers a variety of flexible formulas to address their needs. Alithya has also distinguished itself through its creativity within the proposed formulas, and in its rapid response to new projects and needs.

According to the requirements of each client, Alithya can carry out projects on site, in close collaboration with a client’s internal teams, or can take charge of a project entirely and complete it from its Digital Solutions Center. At Alithya, we adapt our formulas to your goals and your unique reality.

Delivery frameworks tailored
to our clients' needs