Telecommunications consulting and IT services

At Alithya, we know telecoms. We’ve been involved in the telecommunications sector for many years now and have carried out a wide range of projects. Our scope has ranged from cable TV broadcasting, interactive multimedia development, to internet access services, telephony, and wireless telephony. 


We understand that telecoms businesses face a central challenge: How to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies in order to keep providing customers with the highest performing infrastructures. 


Telecommunications companies also have strict requirements regarding user experiences, reliability, infrastructure security, and customer service. 


These requirements demand speedy execution and flexibility at all times. Our IT business intelligence teams understand your reality. That’s why we offer various creative, flexible packages and options to best suit your needs. 

Depending on your preference and situation, we can carry out projects on site, in close collaboration with your internal teams, or can take charge of a project entirely from our expert team. 


At Alithya, we adapt our services and schedule to your goals and your unique reality. 

Keep up with technologies with our telecommunications consulting


Our IT and business strategy consultants guide you through your transformation so you can succeed in a digital world. 


Telecom, broadcasting, media and motion picture companies face a host of similar challenges: delivering personal user experiences, achieving data transparency across departments, and ever-changing value of assets from new delivery models, like subscription services. 


Telecoms companies need a coherent digital strategy in order to stay competitive for the long haul. Integrating financial and operations into a single, secure technology platform will empower you to plan, collaborate and manage across sales, finance and HR. 

Solution that suits your needs

By centralizing operations into one modern platform, you can improve visibility, compliance, and customer experience company-wide. 


Alithya offers pre-built accelerators and solutions specifically tailored to the media and telecom industry. We also have experienced teams of industry and IT experts who can adapt the platforms to your specific needs. Are you ready to bring your communications solutions into the 21st century and beyond?