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Professional Services

Gain a true 360-degree view of your client, and deliver on their digital transformation objectives
Grow profitably in an era of fast-changing expectations

By focusing on outcomes that make the biggest difference to your business, our framework ensures you quickly see ROI from your investment. 

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Improve Client Engagement

Provide personalized levels of service and access to information any time, across all devices, making every client interaction an opportunity to make an impression.

Make Better Decisions for Growth

Gain real-time access to financial, operational and other critical information in easy-to-use dashboards to improve decision-making for business growth.

Deliver More Profitable Projects

Give your team an end-to-solution for client engagement to deliver projects on time and on budget while improving project efficiencies, collaboration and profitability.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve productivity and employee satisfaction by centralizing and consolidating disparate data sources and removing manual and inefficient processes and tasks.

Achieve Business Outcomes

With our unique business outcomes framework, we help clients identify the most important outcomes for their business and then focus on how technology can be used to deliver them. It’s central to our Customer Owned Rapid Engagement (CORE) methodology and one of the key ways we ensure short and long-term technology success.

Professional Services Solutions
Project Service Automation Marketing Artificial Intelligence for Sales Sales, Productivity and Integration + Database Solutions Set Yourself Up for Success

Project Service Automation

Deliver outstanding end-to-end project experiences. From sales opportunity to project delivery, track progress, put the right resources in the right place, and deliver profitable projects on time and on budget.


Earn and keep your customers’ trust by making sure your project deliverables reflect the terms of the contract, approved work and expenses.

Resource Management

Get the most out of your billable resources with real-time dashboards, and empower your team to update their skills profile to apply for relevant projects.


Foster collaboration with cloud-based software as a service products, such as Office 365. The solution also allows you to respond quickly to scope changes and project risks, and to simplify time and expense management.

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Take control of marketing operations, planning, execution and analytics across all channels - digital, social and traditional.

Targeted Campaigns

Don’t treat all your customers the same. Improve the customer experience with segmented and targeted activities.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Put sales and marketing on the same page, using tools with an intuitive interface that support an optimal internal team relationship. Use our powerful reporting and business intelligence tools to demonstrate and communicate campaign performance.

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Artificial Intelligence for Sales

Grow sales and improve decision-making with AI-driven insights that drive engagement.

Leads and Opportunities

AI for Sales, combined with the right CRM platform, can help you to focus on the right deals by helping you to find and prioritize leads and opportunities with the highest likelihood to buy based on a broader set of signals.

Sales Productivity

Contextual, real-time prompts suggest records to sellers as they enter notes. They can also keep track of customers with a relationship health score representing health and risk.

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Sales, Productivity and Integration + Database Solutions

Sales Solutions

Gain insights and exceed your sales goals with our sales solutions, which provide sales intelligence that is not available out of the box.

Productivity Solutions

Our productivity solutions are designed to save you time. With more than 1,000 CRM implementations under our belt, we’ve got the experience to help you do more for your clients. Learn more

Integration + Database Solutions

Your CRM solution needs to share data with your other systems. We’ll work with you to identify key integrations and create seamless connections to extend the functionality of your system.

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Set Yourself Up for Success

At Alithya, we believe a successful implementation is more about your mindset than the technology you use or the money you spend. We offer services to ensure you get the most from your technology including:

High Performing Organization (HPO) Modeling

“Go Live” should be viewed as the start of the journey - not the end. Our proven model can position your company to become a high performing organization. Learn more


Get the most out of your technology investment with a curriculum that is built around proven best practices. Learn more


Our comprehensive support program gives you the expertise you need to ensure your solutions are up, running and serving the evolving needs of your enterprise. Learn more


We offer system upgrades, data preparation, environment refreshes and cloud-transition strategies to help you employ the newest technology to operate efficiently. Learn more

CRM is helping us to have the right conversations with our clients to generate leads. It means we are actually able to improve the service and add value to our clients. CRM has helped us to put in a much more robust client engagement process, which leads to much greater client satisfaction.

We needed someone who we could trust, who would actually challenge our thinking and push back on us when we were doing things that were perhaps unusual or not fit for purpose when it really came to thinking about our business.

We thought we were going to get this all-singing, all-dancing CRM system on day one. What we actually got was a huge amount of coaching, which meant that we got a system that was designed by us, for us and can be maintained by us, that was absolutely fit for purpose.

Our implementation was a phenomenal team effort. The Alithya team spent a great deal of time with us and helped us define our outcomes by understanding our goals. They absolutely added value by working with us to whittle down our ideas to top priority items. By the end of development, we were able to achieve not only what we had agreed to, but much more with ownership of the solution.