Lane Gibson
, June 20, 2023
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In today's increasingly digital world, the need for cybersecurity is more crucial than ever, not just for traditional IT systems but also for industrial control systems (ICS). Serving as the backbone of critical infrastructure industries like energy, transportation, and manufacturing, ICS are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Incorporating cybersecurity consultants into your organization's strategy can help safeguard your ICS against potential threats and help you to avoid potentially devastating consequences for you, your business, and for the safety of your employees and the wider community. This article highlights the top 5 reasons why cybersecurity consultants are an essential aspect of your cybersecurity strategy.

1. Domain expertise

Cybersecurity consultants are experts in their field. They have the skills – typically proven through well-known industry certifications such as CISSP, GSEC, or OSCP – and domain expertise to hit the ground running and tackle any cybersecurity issues your organization may face. They are continuously training and keeping up to date with the latest technologies, trends, and standards (e.g., ISO/IEC 27000, CSA N290.7, NIST CSF, etc.) which makes them well-equipped to handle any cybersecurity challenge that may arise.

2. Cross-industry expertise

Consultants have operational experience to apply from other sectors, providing the best service possible. They have learned and applied best practices and approaches, giving them a unique perspective that can benefit any organization. 

3. Flexibility

Hiring consultants provides flexibility that is not available with full-time employees. SMBs don’t always require full-time cybersecurity staff. Consultants can provide the necessary expertise on a flexible, as-needed basis. Furthermore, every organization has different requirements, and consultants can provide tailored solutions that suit your organization's specific needs. 

4. Quick Turnaround

Finding and training new full-time employees can be time-consuming and costly. The demand for cybersecurity personnel is very high, and there are not enough people to fill those positions. From that pool, it can be difficult to find qualified people to fill these positions. Consultants can help alleviate this issue. They can be brought on board quickly and have the expertise to tackle cybersecurity challenges.

5. Optimized Risk Reduction

Using internal resources to address cybersecurity challenges can lead to suboptimal results. IT administrators are not often trained to the level needed to fully protect an organization from cybersecurity threats, which can leave your organization vulnerable to cyberattacks. Hiring consultants ensures that your organization is receiving the highest level of cybersecurity expertise. Consultants have access to and experience with many different technologies, which enables them to optimize risk reduction for your organization.

Reduce risk and safeguard your business. We can help.

All in all, incorporating cybersecurity consultants in your organization's strategy is critical to safeguarding both traditional IT systems and ICS. At Alithya, our team of experts can provide the necessary knowledge and customized solutions to guarantee that your organization is protected against cybersecurity threats. Our team has extensive experience working with large organizations across a variety of industries to achieve optimized risk reduction and safeguard your business from cyberthreats. 

We recognize the unique challenges faced by industrial control systems (ICS) and offer personalized solutions that cater to your specific needs.

For more info, reach out or read more about our end-to-end cybersecurity solutions here

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