Control Systems and Software Engineering

At Alithya, we’re known for our IT and engineering expertise. We have a proven track record of delivering control systems, software engineering, and cybersecurity services for the highly regulated nuclear industry. Through decades of experience, we have successfully delivered a wide range of mission-critical control systems and digital applications using industry-standard technologies from top-tier vendors. We are also CSA N299.1-compliant.  

In addition to delivering turnkey control systems, we also help you navigate the overwhelming number of digital technologies to identify and integrate the right ones for your needs, from the control room to the board room.  

We stand out for our unique mix of integration experience, regulatory and cyber security compliance expertise, and extensive domain knowledge. 


Alithya’s control and software engineering experts can help you with:

Real-time control systems

We have a proven history of successfully implementing new control systems and migrating and modernizing legacy control systems across the energy sector. Our engineers are skilled in designing and developing a wide range of control systems.


Alithya has extensive experience evaluating industrial control system vulnerability and strengthening them against cybersecurity threats. We also know how to secure your digital assets without disrupting critical system functions. Our experts deliver cybersecurity services that comply with the latest regulatory requirements.

Simulation & training

Our team of simulation experts can build simulators for low-fidelity testing or high-fidelity operator training to any scale, including digital control room replicas. We leverage the latest technologies, like virtual reality, to provide a fully immersive training experience. We can coordinate vendor training and provide project-specific classroom training to support operations, maintenance, engineering, and trainers.

System maintenance

Our services don’t stop at delivery. We also offer post-implementation maintenance plans and local support for all projects.

Put yourself in control with our control systems engineering


We also stand out for our flexible and personalized approach. We work in small, well-managed teams that can quickly scale up to meet the demands of larger, complex projects. In terms of work mode, we can provide on-site subject matter experts to collaborate side-by-side with client project teams or deliver turnkey solutions from Alithya’s offices.


Our approach guarantees: 

Quality Assurance


We deploy independent verification and validation teams to ensure objective, proactive reviewing and testing.  
Our QA expertise includes helping author COG-95-179, CSA N290.14-07 and CSA N290.14-15. The Alithya Nuclear Quality Management System (NQMS) and Commercial Quality Management System (CQMS) are evidence of our commitment to quality. NQMS has been successfully audited by CANDU Procurement Audit Committee (CANPAC) against the following nuclear standards: CSA N299.1, CSA N286-12 and CSA N286-05, CSA N286.7-16 and CAN/CSA Q396.1.1, CE-1002-STD (Category II Software Engineering), and CE-1003-STD (Category III Software Engineering).

Engineering labs


Our engineering technology lab is a research, prototyping, development, testing, and training center for all in-house projects related to computer/control systems and custom hardware. It allows us to provide complete turnkey systems that are compliant with regulatory standards.

Technical resources


We have an unparalleled repository of resources, like simulation software, OPC servers, HMIs, and PLCs. With such ready availability, we can perform rapid prototyping, development, testing, and integration all on site. 

Nuclear-ready control systems


We leverage our expertise in nuclear engineering change control processes, software engineering standards, software, hardware, and cybersecurity standards to deliver safe, reliable, cybersecure, nuclear-ready control systems.