Top-of-the line Quality Assurance to simplify your organization quality processes

Our practice is like no other on the market. In addition to our software app offering, Alithya also supports companies in implementing QA and automation best practices. 


Our highly qualified team is driven by values like quality, trust, and innovation. We go above and beyond industry standards to meet your software needs and help you succeed. 


We’re by your side throughout every step of the process, from developing custom apps to support, certification, training and management. Our clients choose us for our exemplary practices and close working relationships. 


By partnering with Alithya’s Quality Assurance service, you’re gaining access to :

  • Excellence in software quality and development projects 
  • Industry leader in quality assurance, automation, and test orchestration 
  • Over 125 experts 
  • ISO 9001 certified: 2015 
  • Over 10 years working with the Agile method 

Significantly reduce maintenance costs with software QA automation

For uncompromised quality, look no further. We test your CRM, ERP, tailor-made solution(s), and/or software packages on all platforms and all system components to guarantee that it’s bug-free and significantly reduces maintenance costs.


Our recommendations are based on an automation strategy and technologies that will improve your processes so you can improve your software quality or transition from manual to automated testing. 



Our team of experts is there for you from start to finish. We oversee the installation of test automation software, facilitate knowledge transfer, and provide ongoing support for system improvements.



Alithya designs and delivers a QA solution that’s perfectly adapted to your business processes. 


Automation and orchestration

By focusing on automated testing, your team will be able to test faster, more often, and more thoroughly.  


Alithya GoTest

Automated testing software 


Our powerful and versatile platform, Alithya GoTest, can orchestrate a series of automated tests and analyze their results throughout the application or system’s development cycle. Alithya GoTest helps you deliver quality software that meets and exceeds your objectives. Plus, it’s easy to use! With features geared toward QA specialists and a keyword-based approach, you can speed up test and automated script creation, regardless of your level of expertise. 

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