Simplify your organization’s digital transformation processes with top-of-the line quality engineering

Digital transformation is not a single siloed project, but rather a holistic approach to transforming your business. It requires involvement and buy-in from across your teams. Alithya’s quality engineering and assurance team engages with you from the start of every business transformation project, ensuring that your goals are met, no matter what automation project or application you are deploying. 

Businesses who implement digital change with quality engineering and assurance attain:

  • Maintainable and scalable solutions
  • Projects delivered on time, within budget
  • Cost savings by getting it right the first time
  • Accomplished project goals and objectives
  • Increased end user acceptance and satisfaction
  • A culture of continuous improvement 


We’re by your side throughout every step of the process, from developing custom apps to support, certification, training, and management. Our clients choose us for our exemplary practices and close working relationships. 

Quality engineering – the new QA

Quality engineering goes beyond mere quality control. It encompasses a proactive approach to quality assurance, aiming to prevent issues before they arise. Unlike post-factum testing, quality engineering is woven into the fabric of the development process. It’s about creating systems and processes that support the development of high-quality software and applications. 

Key aspects of quality engineering

quality check
  • Early integration: Quality checks are integrated from the outset, ensuring that quality is not an afterthought but a guiding principle throughout the software lifecycle.
  • Comprehensive approach: Quality-engineering services include risk analysis, requirement validation, and analytics-driven decision-making.
  • Innovative solutions: We implement innovative solutions that transform how we approach quality, making it an integral part of development. 

Integration of quality engineering into the development process

  • Design: Ensuring quality principles and best practices are embedded in design decisions.
  • Development: Continuous testing detects and resolves issues early, reducing time to market.
  • Deployment: Delivering not just functional but robust and user-friendly software. 

People drive progress

Our quality engineering and assurance approach is pragmatic rather than technical. It is people-driven. On your quality assurance team, you will always have a project lead who is a manager and a quality analyst, backed by an entire team of experts in automation.  


Alithya’s quality engineering and assurance services ensure that quality control measures and checks are integrated at every step of deployment. We combine quality assurance (QA) and quality engineering (QE) in a practice like no other on the market. We bring our functional, technical, industry and product-oriented resources into the same room, from the start. This enables all of us to understand your organization's issues and solve them with the greatest efficiency and impact. In addition to our software testing platform, Alithya Rapid QA, Alithya also supports companies in implementing QA and automation best practices, with workshops, coaching, managed services and assessments.


Our quality analysts are technical, but they are also adept at strategic coaching for your businesspeople, managers, scrum masters, and your customers. We get down to the details and ask the right questions to help you advance your digital maturity and growth while saving money. We speak your language while building a culture of quality engineering and assurance to continuously deliver value while adapting to changes. 


Our highly qualified team is driven by quality, trust, and innovation. We go beyond industry standards to meet your software needs and help you succeed. 

By partnering with Alithya’s quality assurance service, you’re gaining access to :

quality assurance
  • Excellence in software quality and development projects 
  • Industry leader in quality assurance, automation, and test orchestration 
  • Over 125 experts 
  • ISO 9001 certified: 2015 
  • Over 10 years working with the Agile method 

Alithya’s quality engineering services

Our quality engineering services make your daily life easier and ensure your technology works as intended. We can also evaluate your quality maturity and offer a robust testing platform, à la carte services and self-managed services. 

Our approach

QEA Approach
  • Break down silos by supporting the entire production team with best practices.
  • Manage risks and ensure buy-in from all stakeholders.
  • “Fail first,” a preventive approach to uncovering potential errors before development.
  • Comprehensive training, support, and coaching. 

Significantly reduce maintenance costs with software QA automation

Alithya delivers uncompromised quality. We test your CRM, ERP, tailor-made solution(s), and/or software packages on all platforms and all system components to guarantee that it’s bug-free - significantly reducing ongoing maintenance costs. 



Our recommendations are based on an automation strategy and technologies that will improve your processes so you can improve your software quality or transition from manual to automated testing. At this beginning stage, it’s key to gather a thorough and detailed list of requirements. We ask that all stakeholders explain the features they want to see in the product. This information allows quality assurance engineers to map out the project.



Our team of experts is there for you from start to finish. We oversee the installation of test automation software, facilitate knowledge transfer, and provide ongoing support for system improvements.



Alithya designs and delivers a QA solution that’s perfectly adapted to your business processes. The agile methodology incorporates constant check-ups, communication, and reflection.  


Automation and orchestration

By focusing on automated testing, your team will be able to test faster, more often, and more thoroughly.   

Alithya Rapid QA

Automated testing software 


Our powerful and versatile platform, Alithya Rapid QA, can orchestrate a series of automated tests and analyze their results throughout the application or system’s development cycle. Alithya Rapid QA helps you deliver quality software that meets and exceeds your objectives. Plus, it’s easy to use! With features geared toward QA specialists and a keyword-based approach, you can speed up test and automated script creation, regardless of your level of expertise. 

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