Mary Haughey
, August 31, 2022
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Companies often struggle with latency and connectivity when running operations in remote facilities. In fact, network latency is a top connectivity challenge for 30 percent of manufacturers. A leading cause of latency is high volume and resource-intensive processes running in parallel, resulting in reduced productivity.

Operations without interruptions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management brings the power of the intelligent cloud to the edge. It allows organizations to run critical warehousing and manufacturing workloads on the edge in a distributed model using Azure stack devices. This improves resilience and ensures operations without interruptions even when temporarily disconnected from the cloud.

Scaling production and distribution with agility

Customers can make data-driven decisions before making any investment by easily simulating various factors that impact resilience of their critical manufacturing and warehouse processes, such as network latency, traffic volume, time-outs, or intermittent connectivity. They can then deploy the scale units to best overcome these challenges.

Microsoft Azure compute technologies make the deployment of edge scale units seamless with a plug-and-play experience and allows customers to easily scale during usage spikes to ensure high throughput. In the past, edge deployments have been associated with use cases related to asset management due to the biggest concern associated with latency issues. With the scale units for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, however, the use cases have expanded to other critical manufacturing and warehouse execution scenarios.

Many manufacturers and distributors are heavily regulated and have strict policy requirements. These customers have been conservative with their migration to the cloud, which has impeded their ability to overcome disruptions like the one caused by the pandemic. With the ability to run distributed workloads these companies can feel more confident running the manufacturing and warehousing workloads on their premises while migrating the rest of their operations to the cloud; thereby digitally transforming their organizations and reducing costs to become more resilient.

Enhancing visibility of your supply chain

Lack of inventory visibility across the different channels in real time is a primary driver for vulnerabilities in the supply chain. In order to build adaptable and flexible distribution and manufacturing processes, organizations need real-time cross channel inventory visibility to ensure that they are stocking their distribution centers globally with the right mix and right quantity.

Inventory Visibility for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables large volume retailers and manufacturers to easily handle a high volume of transactions every minute and determine cross-channel inventory accurately in real time. With this add-in, organizations can easily scale to fulfill orders from multiple channels on time and mitigate stock-outs and overstocking.

Inventory visibility is composable, it seamlessly works with third-party systems and uses Dataverse to gather inventory information from all disparate systems used across different regions, in real time, making it hyper-scalable and hyper-performant. The end user can easily query through their POS systems in the store or their back-office systems to retrieve accurate on-hand information in real time and offer a delightful customer experience by promising an accurate delivery date.

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