Kerry Cai
, September 1, 2023
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As organizations have adapted to the changing landscape, a fundamental question has arisen: just how effective are employees in this evolving work paradigm? Well, for starters, the digitalization of the workplace environment and shift towards knowledge-based / information technology sectors have accelerated the era of remote and hybrid work environments. 

A recent study conducted in early 2023 unveiled the reality of this change: globally, a mere 21% of the workforce can be characterized as actively engaged in their work. In the US, employment engagement has steadily declined from 36% at the outset of the pandemic to 32% last year. This decline is disconcerting considering that disengaged employees inflict significant financial losses, with potential costs upwards of $3 million annually. 

So, what factors contribute to this ongoing issue?  

Largely, it can be attributed to the absence of three core elements: the opportunity to voice one's opinions, a deficiency in peer-to-peer feedback and check-ins, especially from leadership, and a sense of belongingness within the workplace community. This lack of interconnectivity underscores the shortcomings of existing employee engagement platforms, and exactly where Microsoft Viva Engage fits the bill. 

Microsoft Viva Engage is the gap-closer that offers a comprehensive solution to producing enthusiastic professionals committed to bringing out their best for the betterment of the company’s success. 

The Power of Leadership

Effective leadership is a cornerstone of any given successful organization and with Viva Engage, company leaders can connect with their teams more seamlessly than ever before. Leaders can initiate discussions, share insights and set the tone for open communications in the leadership corner. 

We all can agree that leadership is not simply passing down orders from the top down but about inspiring and empowering the organization to create confident and effective team players. Viva Engage enables leaders to forge a sense of purpose and direction so that employees can better align with the vision set by the organization.

Building Thriving Communities 

Communities are the heart and soul of organizations everywhere. They create a sense of belonging and inspire teamwork among coworkers. In today's globalized world, where remote work is on the rise, these communities become virtual hubs where team members can connect, collaborate, and grow together.

Whether it’s a community of like-minded individuals within a department, a special interest group, or a project team, this platform allows these communities to flourish. Members can engage in discussions and share resources resulting in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where individuals are valued and proudly invested in the culture.

Conversations That Drive Results 

There’s a saying that “communication works for those who work at it” and the beauty of Viva Engage lies in its ability to make communication work for you, so you can focus on ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and productive. Features like threaded conversations, document sharing, and integrations with other Microsoft 365 apps make collaboration effortless.

Furthermore, these tools enable employees to stay informed, engaged, and aligned with the organization's goals. Leaders can use Viva Engage to cascade important information, drive initiatives, and gather feedback in real-time, fostering a sense of transparency and accountability. 

Shaping the Future, Together!

As we move forward in an increasingly digital and interconnected world, organizations that prioritize leadership, self-expression, communities, and effective communication are better positioned to thrive. At Alithya, we are dedicated to helping your teams harness the full potential of the Microsoft Viva Engage platform. Our expert services encompass seamless implementation, comprehensive training, and ongoing support to ensure your organization thrives in the era of interconnectivity. Together, we can build a workplace that nurtures the growth of leadership, self-expression, and thriving communities, where it becomes firmly established as the norm. Contact us today and let's embark on this transformative journey to shape your organization's future, together. 

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