David Dufour
, October 5, 2022
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Alithya’s Cybersecurity Practice 

All organizations, in both the private and public sector, face essentially the same cybersecurity challenges. We help our clients identify their most pressing concerns and then implement strategies to make their business solutions more robust. Alithya’s team of cybersecurity experts uses the latest methods to advise our clients. At Alithya, we aim to set the standard in IT security solutions and services. We offer: 

  • A comprehensive understanding of governance, risk and compliance needs 
  • Secure design of the system architecture all the way to its implementation 
  • Access control and system operations monitoring 
  • Monitoring and handling security incidents 

The result: increased protection across all systems. All organizations have a responsibility to protect their data from potential security breaches. Failure to do so can seriously harm a company’s reputation and its ability to increase market share and build strategic partnerships. That’s why data security is an ongoing concern for managers. 

Alithya’s practice has more than 100 cybersecurity experts who carry out large-scale projects for our clients in the government, commercial, healthcare, utilities and financial services sectors. Each of Alithya’s consultants has undergone rigorous training and has earned the top certifications to be able to implement state-of-the-art security solutions. 

Our experts can also rely on industry-leading cybersecurity partners. Alithya is a trusted AWS and Microsoft (Azure) partner, two of the world’s biggest cloud service providers. We leverage these partnerships to deliver robust, secure cloud solutions that follow cybersecurity best practices and are tailored to the unique needs of our customers, who often have to comply with strict regulations. 

Alithya’s client coaching typically begins by conducting a 360-degree assessment of the organization, its teams, and its cybersecurity practices. We use a streamlined approach and cutting-edge tools to efficiently assess your company and provide tangible recommendations to bolster your IT system security. After the assessment, our team of specialists quickly and efficiently implements the appropriate solutions, mitigating our client’s current and future cybersecurity risks. 

No organization is immune to cybersecurity incidents. To meet the needs of our growing client base, we constantly reinforce the practice’s expertise and recruit and train the next generation of cybersecurity experts. Alithya is growing faster than ever. We aim to double the size of our cybersecurity practice in 2023 to strengthen our team of IT and security governance experts. 

As technology becomes more complex, organizations will need more robust cybersecurity solutions than ever. Alithya’s visionary cybersecurity practice is perfectly equipped to address today’s challenges, while paving the way to a more secure future. 

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