, April 20, 2020
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Romain is a business development director for Alithya. His job requires technical and commercial skills, good interpersonal skills, an ability to listen and a well-developed network in order to find the best opportunities.


How did you start working at Alithya?

After engineering school at Polytech Nice Sophia Antipolis, I wanted to pursue a commercial career and I joined a service company for a year in Toulon. My role was to do commercial prospecting throughout the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region. I joined Alithya in 2016, and for 4 years now, I have been part of the sales team as a business development director. My functions are diversified: mainly commercial prospecting, but also commercial follow-up and consultant management.

What is a typical week for a business engineer?

My weeks are punctuated by an alternation between prospecting and appointments. Commercial prospecting consists of keeping an eye on new companies. I use my personal and professional network to identify new prospects and make contact with them. On average, I have 5 appointments a week, between existing clients and new prospects, and once a week I travel to our important clients. It is essential to build customer loyalty with regular contact and to be attentive to all new opportunities.

What was your best achievement at Alithya?

Since my arrival at Alithya, I have had the opportunity to achieve several successes such as the opening of new customer accounts or the referencing as a preferred supplier which ensures Alithya to be consulted regularly.

Among Alithya's values, which one seems most important to you?

I'd say wellness. It is essential to feel good in one's professional environment and to work in good conditions. Alithya supports its employees so that they flourish in their lives and I think that's great. The well-being of employees is important, because when they feel good, they give their best.

What are the advantages of working for a company like Alithya?

It’s the strength of the Alithya team! When I joined the company, Alithya was growing and already had 1,200 employees. Today, there are 2,200 people who share the same values in the same company. This strong growth has been made possible through recruitments and acquisitions.

Do you participate in activities that build relationships with your colleagues?

I’m the captain of a football team we’ve created with Alithya’s consultants, and we're taking part in the ASIA Inter-Company Championship: 70 teams from companies in Sophia Antipolis compete against each other from September to June in Sophia, in a positive atmosphere. This year, we came in 2nd place, which means we'll be able to move up a division next year.

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