September 21, 2023
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The CFO of a southern US retail bank was frustrated because he could not coordinate his team fast enough to revise business plans to keep up with changing business conditions in the banking industry.  His team needed to refresh plans daily for an accurate and current picture of these changes:

  • Fluctuations in customer visits in a post-pandemic culture.
  • Increases in interest rates.
  • Surging inflation resulting in increased labor and operating costs.

The old way of forecasting using email and spreadsheets was not working.

Each time a new wrinkle hit their business, the CFO ran around trying to coordinate stakeholders from the branch managers on up to reset their business plans. After a few months, he realized he needed a system and a prescriptive business process to pull these threads together so the team could reset its business plan in hours versus weeks.

Our retail banking client’s CFO needed an effective solution fast…he needed a game changer.

He heard about Alithya’s Bank Margin Planning and asked Alithya to deploy it immediately (in a few weeks). Alithya’s Bank Margin Planning gave the CFO and his team a cloud-centric, real-time planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that connected the C-suite, finance, and the branches together: a common playbook and a shared system.

Alithya's accelerator transformed business planning.

The CFO chose Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management and activated Alithya’s Bank Margin Planning accelerator.

The CFO is psyched. It takes a fraction of the time for branch managers and FP&A Analysts to adjust to changing business conditions and create actionable business plans.

With Alithya’s Bank Margin Planning:

  • The CFO can set top-down targets for new business volumes, revenue, and margin.
  • FP&A can test economic assumptions like interest rates.
  • Branch managers can model their book of business by planning new customer account openings and promotions like “get a toaster with a new account” (well, in today’s world, more like get a “$100 if you open a new account.”).

And, by building the solution with Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, the bank gets a modern platform to:

  • Visualize results with comprehensive reporting and metrics for executives, managers, and planners.
  • Analyze performance at a glance with charts that display period-over-period performance across product lines to determine where and when to act.
  • Better understand balances of deposits and loans to calculate net interest margin and non-interest expense and income.
  • Enable the treasury department to react to the plan and forecast quickly.
  • Understand the impact of factors including changes in prepayment speeds, runoff or business sold, existing or new deposits, and anticipated loans.
  • Spread the impact of market changes over the course of a year, helping to better understand the current and future impact.
  • Quickly adapt plans and forecasts based on ever-changing market factors and macroeconomic variables.
  • Easily access baseline and analyze factors that may cause a material impact.


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