Harkirt Kaur
, June 2, 2022
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Let’s cut to the chase: Alithya, like all companies in the IT field, is currently feeling the effects of the global labor shortage. While these challenges have caused a lot of handwringing among employers, we at Alithya believe that these societal and economic shifts are ultimately a positive phenomenon. After all, any good company knows that they are only as strong as their employees

Talented and hardworking individuals feel empowered now more than ever to seek out workplaces that truly value, inspireand challenge them—criteria that are core to our company and our Data and Analytics Practice. 

So, what is it ACTUALLY like to work at Alithya and in our Data and Analytics Practice? 

As a BI expert at Alithya, you’ll… 

Be at the cutting-edge of cloud technology 

In the past two years alone, the BI field has been utterly and irrevocably transformed by the shift to the cloud. And Alithya’s practice reflects this! As more and more companies realize that the cloud is the number one way to be agile, we are positioning ourselves as their ideal cloud partner

At Alithya, we believe in cultivating the natural curiosity of our specialists, which means giving them every opportunity to grow. Whether you’ve already been working with cloud platforms or are interested in growing your skill sets, our Practice provides a wide array of structured training and certification opportunities

We have a strong focus on cloud tools and are proudly partnered with platforms including AWS, Splunk, Azure, GCP and Talend. 

Collaborate with major players across industries 

In just three years, Alithya’s Data and Analytics Practice has grown from a one-person team to a full-fledged department that works with leading names in a variety of fields, including insurance, finance, healthcare and telecom. 

Our experts have the opportunity to play an instrumental role in large-scale projects with large, well-known companies. That said, you’ll never be just a number. Our employees also get the chance to participate in projects where they directly support the strategic phases of the projects and not only the execution. 

Work with the best and the brightest in the field 

As a Data and Analytics team member, you’ll never be the smartest person in the room. And that’s a good thing! Furthermore, we pride ourselves on recruiting specialists who not only boast a wealth of experience and expertise, but who also believe in the value of knowledge-sharing. 

Our employees are constantly learning as much from their peers—the vast majority of whom come to us with over a decade of industry experience— as they are from the training courses. Your coworkers are always on hand to explain complex problems and new tools. We believe that working alongside people who share a real enthusiasm for data and analytics AND for peer-to-peer communication is key to employee engagement. 

This willingness to communicate and collaborate also reveals just how supportive, friendly and open our experts and the company culture are. Our team members also come from all over the world, bringing with them unique and invaluable insights. Even throughout the recruitment process itself, you can ask to be put in touch with a current team member to hear their unfiltered perspective. 

Enjoy competitive benefits 

Nowadays, companies that purport to offer cutting-edge services must also make sure this is reflected in their compensation and managerial practices. At Alithya, we understand that to attract top-notch employees who are motivated and passionate about what they do, offering fair and flexible benefits is essential! 

We not only promote the importance of healthy work-life balance, but also offer competitive salaries, generous vacation policies, the flexibility to work remotely and much more! 

Summing up what makes Alithya’s Data and Analytics Practice so special is no easy feat. But if we had to narrow it down to one sentence: our Practice brings together the most passionate and curious experts in the field to work on challenging, inspiring projects and achieve more than they ever thought possible. 

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