Romain Grard, Senior Director, Digital Studio
, March 15, 2024
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Alithya’s development of a Connected Mirror solution for the Smart Home of the Les Petits Rois foundation is the fulfillment of a dream shared by all stakeholders in the project. Alithya’s mobile application, embedded in two of the Home’s mirrors, facilitates the completion of multiple daily tasks, providing young residents with a truly accessible path to greater autonomy.

For Alithya’s part, the expertise of our professionals was sprinkled with emotional attachment while seizing the opportunity to put technology at the service of the community. In addition to paving the road for young people with disabilities to accomplish tasks with a greater sense of pride and determination, the solution also addresses the specific needs of their families, their passionate caretakers, and the researchers who devote their lives to their well-being.

For the latter group, the Connected Mirrors provide access to real time data, allowing the progress of each individual user to be tracked in a non-intrusive manner. To accomplish that, Alithya worked hand-in-hand with researchers and educators to acquire a 360-degree view of their needs, and to take into account any issues that could be distracting or upsetting to the young users. Special educators are thrilled with the solution, noting that the autonomous nature of the tool also enables them to free up more time for one-on-one interactions.

By combining innovation with the best of intentions, the project is a shining example of how technology can be leveraged to address human needs with greater precision. As for the future of the technology, the sky is the limit, and Alithya professionals are excited to have the opportunity to further contribute to enhanced quality of life.

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