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Customer Story

Customer Story: ChemTreat

Published December 27 2022

By adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Finance, ChemTreat realized enhanced data visibility and insights, improved inventory and manufacturing processes, and now provides better, more intentional, and proactive customer service.

Key Benefits Realized by ChemTreat:

  • Vastly improved data visibility and insights
  • More resilient, agile, and proactive supply chain management
  • Improved inventory, manufacturing, and distribution processes
  • Better communication and collaboration between departments and the field sales team
  • More agile, intentional, and comprehensive customer service

"We can now proactively identify raw material shortages in our chemical processing supply chain. Dynamics 365 helps us get ahead of challenges, identify potential customer impacts, and determine the best path to the best service."
Katie Journigan, Director, Business Systems, ChemTreat