March 7, 2023
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Project includes implementation of the entire footprint of Microsoft Business Applications

MONTREAL, March 7, 2023 /CNW/ - Alithya Group inc. (TSX: ALYA) (NASDAQ: ALYA) ("Alithya") is pleased to announce the signing of a multi-product Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation contract to assist Cloverdale Paint Inc. and Rodda Paint Co. in deploying best-in-class, modern solutions to standardize processes across their organization. With more than 180 years of combined service, Cloverdale Paint & Rodda Paint have chosen Alithya to assist them in increasing operational efficiencies to support their growing business needs as the largest family owned and operated paint coatings company in North America.

The scope of the project will encompass a wide array of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to assist the client in optimizing business processes ranging from the full sales cycle to customer experience improvements and a streamlined B2B ordering process. The project will also help the client to modernize its manufacturing operations, resulting in better production control, raw material management, manufacturing, cost tracking, and inventory management. The selection of Microsoft Dynamics 365 products will also help the client to streamline R&D approval and product development processes.

Quote from John Scandar, Senior Vice President, Alithya Microsoft Practice:
"Given the scope of this project and its critical importance for Cloverdale & Rodda, Alithya's chemical industry experience with Dynamics 365 positioned us as the partner of choice to implement the Microsoft solution in the client's digital transformation journey."

Alithya's implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for Finance, Supply Chain, Commerce, Sales & Marketing, and more will also help Cloverdale Paint Inc. & Rodda Paint Co. to address the digital transformation of their front office operations, with integrated modules for providing improved financial visibility, real-time reporting, and drill-down capabilities for all departments across the organization.

About Alithya
Alithya is a North American leader in strategy and digital transformation, employing a dedicated and highly skilled workforce of professionals in Canada, the United States, and internationally. Alithya's strategy is based on a plan of accelerated organic growth and complementary acquisitions to create a global leader. The company's integrated offer is based on four pillars of expertise: business strategies, enterprise cloud solutions, application services, and data and analytics. To learn more about Alithya, visit

Alithya is one of the largest Microsoft partners in North America and has delivered Microsoft solutions to hundreds of clients across multiple industries, including manufacturing, professional services, higher education, and more. In 2022, Alithya received a Microsoft Canada Business Applications Finance & Operations Impact Award in recognition of excellent customer service and its embracement of digital transformation leveraging Microsoft technology. Alithya's dedicated Microsoft Practice covers Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, Power Apps, Business and Advanced Analytics, and Digital Solutions.

About Cloverdale Paint Inc. & Rodda Paint Co.
Cloverdale Paint Inc. and Rodda Paint Co. are part of the Cloverdale Paint Group, headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. The individual companies, founded in 1933 and 1932 respectively, manufacture and sell a wide variety of architectural and industrial paint and technical coatings, as well as resins, sealants, and powder coatings, to professional paint contractors, industrial and specialty manufacturers, and retail customers. The group operates a network of over 130 corporate owned stores, and hundreds of Cloverdale and Rodda dealers across Canada and throughout the US Pacific Northwest and in Alaska.

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