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Équipe des communications
Who Are "Full Stack Developers"?

In recent years, companies have been looking for more and more full-stack developers. But what does a full stack ...

Dean Porzel
Don’t Forget the ‘P’ in ‘ERP’

The data that is collected in an ERP system, effectively delivered, can drive real bottom-line benefits for ...

Kim Stegall
D365 FOCUS - Alithya Session Schedule

D365 Focus is the premier event for 90 minute deep dive sessions and where technical users, experts and Microsoft ...

Ross Martin
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud Nightly Application Maintenance - Part 2: Optimizing Planning Maintenance Routines

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the details of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud’s Automated ...

Ross Martin
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud Nightly Application Maintenance - Part 1: Nightly Maintenance Explained

As I work with my clients to move their financial systems and applications to Oracle’s Enterprise Performance ...

Kevin Black
Enterprise Data Management Deep Dive - Part II:  Exploring the Understated Features of EDM

Introduction Welcome to a new blog series focused on recent – and perhaps overlooked and less understood - features and ...

Communications Team
Meet Romain Funel: Business Engineer at Sophia Antipolis

Romain is a business development director for Alithya. His job requires technical and commercial skills, good ...

Antwain Woods
Dynamics 365 Opportunity Inline Product Adds
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Opportunity management can be a chore for a sales reps. Adding products to an opportunity to reflect the customer needs ...

Lisa Dunham
2 Reasons You Need a Holistic Property Management Solution
Professional Services

As a commercial real estate business owner, you’re probably wondering why you would need a strong CRM technology ...

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