Seeking diamonds in the rough

Every company has a story to share, and we want to hear yours.

Our story is built on the vision to become the trusted technology advisor for our clients. Our vision is supported by strong values and a culture of inclusion that has gained momentum with the addition of each new member of our team over the years. Our collective force is what makes us unique, and each new team member contributes to the evolution of our capabilities to better serve our current and future clients.


Living up to our name, meaning truth, Alithya embraces a business model that avoids industry buzzwords and technical jargon to deliver straight talk to our clients. That business model extends to our conversations with business leaders exploring the potential benefits of merging their companies with ours.

Our merger philosophy

Collective sphere

Patience is a virtue, and a key to our diligent approach to finding the right company, at the right time, for the right price. A significant factor of that equation is our desire to work in collaboration with leaders who are seeking the right place for their people to continue their professional growth.


At Alithya, our approach to mergers is deeply rooted in the spirit of ensuring that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As a company driven by the collective intelligence of our people and our clients, our collaborative nature is fertile ground for fostering a culture of partnerships, where mutual respect and shared values form the pillars of our relationships.

When considering potential mergers, cultural alignment is a priority. We actively seek out companies and leaders with whom we share common values and goals, and we carefully evaluate each company's business model to ensure alignment with our own strategic objectives. Our commitment to collaboration, cultural fit, strategic alignment, and patience guides us in our merger endeavors, ensuring successful and sustainable partnerships for all parties in the long term.


Alithya’s culture celebrates entrepreneurship in all its forms, welcoming owners and senior leaders who aspire to continue to grow within our team after joining the Alithya family.

Important merger criteria

merging buildings
  • Alithya is seeking organizations with a North American or European client base, including the UK and Australia. Our preference is that they operate in the verticals that we currently service, including Manufacturing, Energy, Financial services, Insurance, Government, Healthcare, Higher education, Telecommunications, and Retail and Distribution.
  • We prefer organizations that are full-time employee based, and who continually invest in their people.
  • We covet leadership that wishes to remain onboard as part of any transaction with Alithya.
  • We’re looking for teams interested in increasing nearshore and offshore capabilities (smart shoring), and that can contribute to critical efficiencies, partner alliances, and a portfolio of marquee clients worthy of a tier one competitor.
  • We seek teams that will join us in adding value for our clients through the leveraging of IP-based accelerators that increase our efficiency and expedite our projects.
  • We also seek teams looking to leverage their own AI technology to bolster both client implementation demands and new client service capabilities.


Benefits for your company, clients, and employees

Benefits for your company

Person climbing stairs in large office building
  • First and foremost, rest assured that your clients and employees will be in good hands. Alithya has more than 30 years of business experience, and we have fine-tuned our processes through 14 successful acquisitions over the past twelve years. In doing so, we have demonstrated our ability to successfully navigate the waters of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Our financial strength, backed by the solid commitment of our investors, nourishes a strategy focused on creating value for clients and shareholders, and on a vision to serve as the trusted advisor.
  • We have an extensive track record of successfully adding the right strategic partners when and where required.
  • Our portfolio of industry leading clients opens a gateway to significant revenue increases from your current lines of business and areas of expertise.

Benefits for your clients

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  • By continuously increasing our scale and our high value capabilities, including expanding our global presence and delivery capabilities, we build relationships of trust through our ability to help clients address their most critical business initiatives.
  • Over 80% of our business is generated from repeat clients, confirming a high satisfaction rating for our services. We have also maintained a satisfaction rate of 90% or better for several years, which is measured on a regular basis to ensure continuous improvement of our services.
  • Our global footprint, reinforced by our smart shore strategy, provides an opportunity for your clients to benefit from competitive pricing for their larger initiatives.

Benefits for your employees

  • Each acquisition allows us to strengthen the foundations of a culture of inclusion and growth that your employees will benefit from.
  • We offer competitive employee benefits, including access to incentive pay plans and a Share Purchase Plan that encourage a culture of ownership from top to bottom.
  • We offer extensive resources for training and career development, with a focus on advancement opportunities within the company. We also offer an extensive leadership development program to all our managers, developed in collaboration with a world-renowned university. 
  • We encourage our people to be active team members, and to also engage in the communities in which we work and live.
  • We have developed numerous interest groups focused on multiple aspects of employee well-being, inclusion and diversity, Indigenous relations, environmental issues, and more.
  • We offer a very flexible vacation program, as well as a paid day off to engage in community service.

Let’s walk the talk together



Paul Raymond 

President and Chief Executive Officer



If you are interested in knowing more about the many ways that Alithya can open doors to greater success for your company and your people, please reach out to our Investor Relations team today.