Cybersecurity and IT security consulting for your business

The threat of cyberattacks are rapidly increasing in frequency and sophistication. It’s now more important than ever for organizations to have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy with multiple layers of protection to reduce vulnerabilities, contain threats, and mitigate risk. 

At Alithya, we understand the importance of securing digital assets with minimal impact to critical system functions. Our cybersecurity expertise helps our clients evaluate and address their operational technology systems for cybersecurity vulnerabilities and build a cyber risk-aware culture. 

We help your organization with:

  • Governance, risk, and compliance 
  • Developing end-to-end cybersecurity program lifecycles 
  • Strengthening existing security programs and governance 
  • Identifying and classifying and risk-based threats 
  • Assessing cybersecurity posture for new or existing critical digital assets and cyber essential assets 
  • Implementing cybersecurity controls 

Cyber threats are increasing. Our cybersecurity services can help

Our highly qualified engineers and analysts have 30+ years of experience in delivering comprehensive cybersecurity services that address all stages of program implementation.

Regulatory Compliance


Meet compliance requirements and know your information is secure. We have 30 years of experience in regulatory compliance, helping our clients identify and address cybersecurity challenges and implement strategies to improve system resilience. 

Cyber-Hardened Computers & Lockers


Counter cyber threats and protect your digital assets with our Cyber-Hardened Computers and Smart Lockers. 

Our solutions are designed to contribute to your defense-in-depth strategy by providing a more secure means of interacting with your critical plant equipment.

Industrial Control Systems


Industrial Control Systems employ specific technologies that may require less conventional cybersecurity strategies. We have extensive experience with these systems and understand the importance of securing your digital assets without affecting critical system functions. Learning and adopting these niche cyber security strategies will help you stay ahead of potential risks and help you deliver your products with confidence. 

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