IoT consulting services

The Internet of things (IoT) encompasses equipment and systems that are connected to other devices and systems via the internet. IoT has paved the way for companies to speed up industries, increase their profits, and revolutionize their business practices. Alithya helps clients leverage IoT and industry 4.0 solutions by combining thorough knowledge of your business objectives with actionable business insights. 


What IoT can do for your business

IoT lowers costs and accelerates the deployment of connected solutions. Whether it’s providing more actionable insights to your employees and clients or better integrating equipment, processes and data, smart companies are connected and much more agile.  

Your company can use IoT to gather data and generate insights, which results in improved decision-making, shorter reaction times, automation, and better contextualized outcomes. With IoT you have access to real-time information that gets to the right person at the right time. 


What Alithya can do for your business

Alithya’s IoT consulting services connect systems, assets, and people so that they’re an integral part of your daily business decisions. Our IoT experts determine the best approach, set priorities, and generate and implement a roadmap. 


Our specialists can: 


  • Establish communication between IoT devices, the edge, and the cloud 
  • Incorporate data at the edge and cloud levels 
  • Warehouse data into a database 
  • Build AI models over IoT devices 
  • Design and operationalize applications leveraging IoT data 
  • Integrate external system applications 


We provide expertise at every level of your IoT development journey, including device connectivity, data collection, data processing, display data, data analysis, and real-time KPI display. 

Get ahead of the competition with our IoT and Industry 4.0 services

Our current industrial era is defined by interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. These technologies and the business opportunities they provide are evolving more rapidly than ever. Transform your organization with smart, connected operations and smart, connected products in order to stay one – or several! – steps ahead of the competition. 


Smart, connected products


Embedding connectivity into your products allows you to provide better operability and support and gain better insight into product usage and performance. Simplify and optimize product use with remote upgrades. Product connectivity improves the user experience, reduces operating costs, increases reliability, and reduces downtime. 

Smart, connected operations (SCO)


SCO has the power to transform industries and manufacturing. With SCO, you get real-time information quicker and at a lower cost, improving productivity, quality, and efficiency. Smart, connected operations also brings value to your data. Centralize your data and secure data transfers. Automated tasks reduce errors which reduces operation costs and increases reliability. SCO improves preventive, predictive and prescriptive maintenance, which also reduces costs and downtime.

Industry 4.0 solutions


Industry 4.0 represents a complete digital transformation in our approach to manufacturing. In this 4.0 revolution, systems communicate and cooperate with each other and with people in a decentralized decision-making framework that reorganizes the entire value chain. The “smart factory” is characterized by improved data enhancement and automated decision and operational processes. It involves integrating new technologies and better-connected data and objects to keep your organization competitive for the long haul.

IoT-connected hardware or cloud systems


We can connect your product to the cloud and help you provide added value to your clients. Already have your own system? We can add IoT connectivity to give you a holistic view and add value to your business. Our IoT experts will guide you as you build your own device and bring the value of the collected data directly to your end-users. We can also support you during the implementation of industrial IoT concepts and impart the insights from the collected data directly to your operators, engineers, and upper management team.


Apart from machine learning that we are mainly using for demand forecasting, we use IoT to read the performance of our machinery equipment. We want to know the down time of the machinery, which machines run most efficiently, what are the deficiencies so we can schedule things around and have the most productive use of our equipment. Having this data available in real time and having dashboards that we can analyze gives us the visibility we need to take immediate action.


Arvind Sahu

Head of IT, Kari-Out