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Secure your organization against cyber threats
Cyber Hardened Computers & Smart Lockers

As the number of cyber attacks on computers and other digital systems continue to increase, it has become vital for organizations to secure their digital systems.

Alithya's line of advanced Nuclear Grade Computers and Smart lockers use cyber hardening and cyber security controls fully compliant with CSA N290.7-14. Protect your critical plant equipment and systems against malware propagation with our solutions designed to aid your defence-in-depth strategy.

Peace of Mind for Laptops, Hardware, & other Physical Property
Nuclear Grade Laptops Smart Lockers ACE Support

Nuclear Grade Laptops

Alithya Nuclear Grade Laptops are rugged machines built to last in harsh industrial environments. Ensure your plant operations are secure from cyber threats with cyber-hardened laptops that are secure, easy to maintain, and fully configurable. Our team of Alithya Cyber Engineers (ACE) provide end-to end installation, configuration, and support to ensure seamless integration with your existing plant equipment.

Services include:

  • Legacy hardware replacement
  • Porting existing computers (virtual or physical)
  • Routine hardware and software checks
  • Backup and restore capability
  • Compliance with latest cyber security standards
  • Enabling straight-forward configuration by end-users and administrators
  • Alithya Cyber Engineer (ACE) support



Smart Lockers

Alithya’s Smart Lockers provide additional physical protection for your laptops and other valuable hardware assets when not in use. Ensure safe-keeping of laptops between uses with automated check-in and check-out, diagnostics, and automated upkeep.

Smart Lockers features include:

  • Detailed record of check-ins and check-outs
  • Accessible to only authorized users
  • Detect field modifications and restore to an approved image
  • Automated laptop maintenance and routine updates
  • Customizable unit size; available in 5 and 15 bay configurations, accommodating up to 15 laptops
  • Charging capability
  • Tamper-evident, with security event logging
  • Alithya Cyber Engineer (ACE) support

ACE Support

Alithya Cyber Engineers (ACE) are available to provide support to ensure your laptops and lockers systems are maintained and running efficiently.

ACE Support includes:

  • Porting legacy computers​
  • virtualize, harden, test, deliver VMs​
  • End-user assistance and how-to​
  • Routine hardware and software checks​
  • Required changes / updates to VMs​
  • Corrective and/or Preventive Maintenance as required 
  • On-call phone support as necessary 

Alithya has become a trusted software design service and digital transformation provider in the Canadian nuclear industry based on deep domain expertise, a stellar track record for project delivery, innovative solutions, and long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers.

our engineering focus

35+ Years of Nuclear Experience
Areas of Expertise
  • Project Management - Overall program and project management
  • Real-Time Control Systems - reverse engineering, requirement analysis, design and implementation
  • Quality Assurance – verification, validation, testing and software qualifications
  • Cyber security – assessment and compliance to CSA N290.7-14
  • Training – Vendor training, simulation updates and project specific classroom training
  • Installation and Commissioning support – local and remote support
  • System Maintenance – software maintenance planning and local support
Safeguard your data with cyber-hardened laptops and secure lockers