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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Your journey to the cloud
Getting the most from the Alithya AWS partnership

At Alithya, we want to provide our clients with the best technology has to offer and it’s important to us that the partners we do business with are reputable and share our drive to help you make your company more efficient. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally and is the most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform in the world. From fast-growing start-ups, to the largest enterprises, and leading government agencies, organizations are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

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We are a trusted advisor that strives to help our clients meet the challenges of the digital age and gain a strategic advantage using cloud technology by developing solutions that unlock business insights, reduce risk, lower cost of ownership, and improve user productivity. Partnering with AWS Cloud Offerings enhances our ability to use our extensive domain expertise and technical leadership to achieve this.

AWS Migrations Cloud Architecture Cloud Managed Services Ideal for Oracle databases Make DevOps even faster Data and Analytics Application Modernization

AWS Migrations

Migration that’s experienced, comprehensive and fast

These are the three main reasons that Alithya has chosen to partner with AWS. Their experience in large-scale migrations has helped AWS to develop finely tuned methodologies, tools and best practices. Their automation and data-driven guidance simplifies each step of the migration process and accelerates the time to completion, resulting in significant IT cost savings, improved productivity, business agility, and operational resilience.

Ready for the cloud?
AWS can help you assess your company’s readiness, identify your desired business outcomes and build your case for migration. Their Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool can evaluate your company’s strengths and weaknesses and help you assess your on-premises resources and build a right-sized and optimized cost projection for running applications in AWS.

We know the importance of solid planning. This is why we use the AWS Application Discovery Service to gather information about server utilization and dependency from your on-premise data centers; this helps you get a better understanding of your workloads.

Moreover, with the AWS Workload Qualification Framework (AWS WQF) we can evaluate your data and categorizes it in such a way that we can determine how difficult you can expect the migration to be.

Cloud Architecture

Get the resources you need to build effectively and efficiently

Alithya has everything you need to work in the AWS Cloud. We can help you solve common problems and build faster using the AWS platform. Designed to be operationally effective, reliable, secure, and cost effective, every AWS Solution comes with detailed architecture, a deployment guide, and instructions for both automated and manual deployment.

Event Driven Architecture

If you are working with modern applications that use microservices, or any application that has decoupled components, event-driven architectures are a great choice for improving agility and moving quickly. Services are interoperable so if one service experiences a failure, the rest will keep running. Event driven architectures require less custom code, and they are push-based, so everything happens on-demand which means less network bandwidth consumption, less CPU utilization, less idle fleet capacity, and less SSL/TLS handshakes.

Enterprise IaaS architectures – Private vs Public Clouds

Public cloud providers often have specific preconfigured elements, such as VMs; VM-based server Selection of OS and Choice of VM size (CPU, RAM), storage/disk.

Private cloud services include these offerings and much more, such as Ability to dynamically expand resources (CPU, RAM, disk) as needed, and are much more customizable.

Cloud Security Architecture

Alithya helps you meet core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality with AWS’ comprehensive services and features. We provide services that help you protect your data and infrastructure and manage identities and resources. Breathe easier knowing that Alithya has partnered with the only commercial cloud whose service offerings and associated supply chain have been vetted and accepted as secure enough for top-secret workloads.

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Automation

Cloud automation simplifies the deployment of the different resources and modules in a cloud computing or virtualized environment. Alithya’s services provide numerous options for automating deployments, development & test workflows, container management, and configuration management.

Cloud Governance

Alithya can offer you innovation and control with AWS Management and Governance services. On AWS we can enable, provision, and operate your environment for both business agility and governance control. We can build highly dynamic cloud resources at massive scale. With the use of AWS Management and Governance, you can manage and govern your resources in AWS, on-premises, and other clouds from a single location.


SysOps teaches administrators how to create automatable and repeatable deployments of networks and systems on the AWS platform. 

Disaster Recovery

Although the services we offer our clients are designed to provide high levels of availability, it’s always a good idea to develop a DR (Disaster Recovery) strategy. Doing so will help maintain the WorkSpaces available for your key users, in an unlikely event that an AWS region or the WorkSpaces service becomes unavailable for a period of time. 

Cost and Capacity Optimization

We offer a range of prices and services to give you the flexibility to effectively manage your costs while maintaining the performance and capacity your business requires. 

Ideal for Oracle databases

Alithya’s Oracle databases are fully supported on Amazon Web Services. You can launch entire enterprise (EPM) software stacks from Oracle on the AWS cloud and build enterprise-grade Oracle applications using database and middleware software from Oracle. We have the solutions you need for migrating and deploying your enterprise applications on the AWS cloud. 

The AWS cloud is scalable, secure, reliable and efficient.It can be deployed in minutes, and you only pay for what you use.

Make DevOps even faster

By using AWS, Alithya can help you simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring your application and infrastructure performance. Our flexible services are designed to help your company build and deliver products using DevOps practices more rapidly and reliably.

Our fast, fully managed service is built for scale and programmable. You can manage a single instance or scale thousands. And each service can be used either via the AWS Command Line Interface or through APIs and SDKs. Save time by automating manual tasks or processes such as deployments, development & test workflows, container management, and configuration management. The service is secure, compatible with your favourite open source tools, and it's pay-per-use.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Alithya also ensures that Developers can implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with the help of AWS Developer tools. Application source code changes can be regularly merged into a central repository where automated build and tests are run. Code changes can also be automatically prepped for release to production.

Log Analytics

DevOps is one of a handful of recent IT trends that have fueled an increase in machine-generated data. And while this data may be very complex, it’s a veritable gold mine of operational intelligence for IT, security, and business. To extract the most from this data, Alithya uses the AWS Amazon Elasticsearch Service (AES). The AES does what traditional data analytics tools cannot: It provides a fully managed service that uses Log analytics to search, analyze, and visualize machine data generated by your IT systems and technology infrastructure and provides unprecedented visibility to help you gain operational insights.

Infrastructure as code

Infrastructure as code is the process of provisioning and managing your application configuration, containers, operating systems and servers by writing a template file that is both human readable, and machine consumable. With infrastructure as code, a description of the resources that you want to create can become a reality. It provides a clear reference of what resources are on your account, and what their settings are. Accidental changes or deletions can be resolved. And, well written code can be reused elsewhere in the world.

API Gateways

Create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale. Alithya makes it easy with a fully managed API Gateway service. With API Gateway, you can create RESTful APIs and WebSocket APIs that enable real-time two-way communication applications. API Gateway supports containerized and serverless workloads, web applications, and it handles all the tasks involved in accepting and processing up to hundreds of thousands of concurrent API calls. You pay only for the API calls you receive and the amount of data transferred out.

Data and Analytics


NoSQL databases are purpose built for specific data models. Relaxed data consistency restrictions give the NoSQL database flexible schemas for building modern applications. Optimized specifically for applications that require large data volume and low latency, NoSQL databases are widely recognized for their ease of development, functionality, and performance at scale. They are ideal for many modern applications such as mobile, web, and gaming that require flexible, scalable, high-performance, and highly functional databases to provide great user experiences.


Alithya helps you deliver insights to everyone in your organization quickly and easily with Amazon QuickSight. This cloud-powered, fully managed business intelligence service lets you easily create and publish interactive dashboards that include ML Insights. You can access the dashboards from any device and embed them into your applications, portals and websites.


Alithya brings you Snowflake - the single platform delivered as-a-service that’s near-zero maintenance. Its compute, storage, and cloud services layers are logically integrated but scale independent from one another, making it an ideal platform for many workloads. With Snowflake, data professionals can support many data warehouse, data lake, data engineering, and data science workloads with virtually unlimited concurrency. It is also a powerful query processing back-end platform for developers creating modern data-driven applications.


Alithya can help you see and understand your data then analyze, visualize and share information with Tableau - the industry-leading cloud reporting and analytics platform. Connect Tableau to Amazon Redshift and get reporting and analytics to run your business, embed killer dashboards and eye-catching visualizations inside your SaaS app or run Big Data analytics, all with the ease that makes the Cloud such a popular choice.

BA and Data Visualisation

Business analytics provides a factual summary based on data and information gathered about your business, but in order to get answers to questions about those facts, you need to analyse them using data visualisation. Alithya’s data visualisation will identify patterns in the data and provide you with a visual representation that will deepen your understanding of the data in a shorter space of time.

Application Modernization

Application modernization is important in order to truly unlock all the benefits you’re looking for on the AWS cloud such as greater availability, elasticity, agility and accelerate business innovation.  Application modernization is the process of taking existing applications and modernize their features, internal architecture and their platform infrastructure.  We have multiples skills regarding scalable cloud-native applications modernization/rewrite on modern designs: Function as a service (FaaS), Containers, Microservices DevOps and Event Streams.

By modernizing an application to more of a Microservices architecture on AWS, components are smaller and can be deployed and scaled rapidly and independently.  Our best approach to application modernization is to start with a strong application assessment.      


Being able to generate information from an abundance of data to allow decision making has become a real challenge for all organizations. Amazon Quicksight (AQS) is a cloud business intelligence tool that enables access to the data and insights that can be scalable to everyone.

Explore AQS, the first pay-per-session pricing service with no servers to manage, license or infrastructure to maintain, and learn why AQS should be on your radar when evaluating data visualization tools for your organization.